Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jingle Bells

The Bernard Bunch had a wonderful Christmas in Luxembourg

I had the opportunity to sport the traditional paper crown along with my siblings

Mama got to spend some quality time with the best Dad in the whole world (yes his social graces require some polishing - she is working on that)

I got to spend lots of time with Papa...

We all got to spend time with Auntie Sianie and Chris before they leave for Australia in January

We got to eat some gooey British Christmas pudding

which Big Bill found quite fascinating

We spent a LOOOOONG time at the table ... so much to eat!

Nathan was so happy to spend so much time with his Godmother Auntie Sianie

And eat a traditional Italian Christmas tree cake

Chris and I took the time to bond which was really nice

I certainly took a shine to him!!

he likes to dance and sing with me you see

ok folks more Christmas anecdotes and photos follow shortly! We got back from Luxembourg last night and are shooting off to Mami and Papi's house now for our French Christmas! I will be back soon! Love to you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A regal gown

I would like to thank Mama's friends Tim and Natasha .. because this week, they gave me the best gift a Princess can receive:


Much to Mama's dismay, I refuse to wear anything else
...well I am a Princess after all ....

I love to match it with my favorite accesories

what do you think of my sophisticated Princess crown?

Oh it's such fun to be a princess!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

See saw Marjory Daw

Wanna know why I haven't blogged for so long? Cos I'm still stuck on the end of this see-saw! William won't let me get off!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In the mood for giggles

I have discovered a new treasure...

In the form of a box
Which contains lots of interesting things to wear
It used to belong to my brothers when they were smallerBut it is now mine

I get hours of fun out of it

And the Bernard Bunch seems to find it all quite entertaining too

A Princess is a Princess
no matter her attire

Now, whilst I go off and try some more of those great outfits
Let me give you a taste
of what my brothers have been up to lately

These are suggestive photos

Just to give you 'a feel'

of the kind of nonsense

I have to put up with every day

My brothers are a great source of inspiration

for many wise activities

Although I don't frankly understand all of them

They are my brothers no matter how stupid their antics

Its surprising I turned out so well, considering my immediate entourage

I'm off now - I just discovered a GREAT Nemo outfit!
Au revoir!