Sunday, April 29, 2007

A very sunny 6th birthday for Big Bro Nathan !!!

All this festivity over Nathan's being six is brilliant - but me and big bill and Mama are off for a stroll in the local park - this sun is magnificent! Thought I might try and bronze those sexy thighs of mine ...
To think they thought I was too skinny when I was born ... goodness gracious me! Me? A titch??? Pffff!!!

Mama is ok and everything, but she is SOOOO tame when it comes to these public park ride thingies - Big Bill HEEELLPPPP - get me into some really fun please!!

I'm off!!

This is the life!
Mischief and playtime with my Bro Big Bill!!

Oh God she's back ...

Time to look like the perfect little angel again

snore ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Souvenir of a lovely Easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A day in the life of Princess Abigail

Start the day with a thoroughly exhausting physiotherapy session to prepare my little body for the next step - literally - learning to walk!!! (having just mastered sitting - still a bit wobbly but the world is so much more interesting from this new sat-up angle!)

A few hours with my outstandingly brilliant nanny Christine ...

And then early evening come home with Papa and play on my favorite play mat for ages and ages and ages

and ages and ages and ages..... although sometimes I go on that trotter thing too - I love going round and round backwards on that - I MUST learn the knack of going straight and forwards. Maybe its just something to do with women driving ... thats what Papa says anyway

Then have a nice relaxation session on my changing mat in my very pink bedroom ....

Then when Mama eventually rolls home .... (she's usually quite late and I would love to be able to spend more time with her in the week ... but this is all part of life's rich tapestry!!)

We have an intellectual chat in the garden about the birds and the bees and when my tea-time will be ... she's my main food source so I have to keep her on the ball you know ...

Concluded by a nice hot bath and a good French water game called 'prendre son pied'

Now wasn't that a wonderful day! I'm going to bed now - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - I love sleep and am quite happy to lie in in the mornings, although Mama and Papa usually haul me into their bed and play with me for a while before we all get up .... and THAT is one of the bestest and cuddliest moments of the day!

My groovy Grandad!!

My two love-bird parents ... well most of the time anyway ...

ok sometimes the glamour gives way to practicalities ... like wiping my bum, making tea, and having to look after the kids when one has a hang-over ...
My Papa doesn't like this photo, so William my naughty-tutor told me to publish it - isn't he just gorgeous! My Papa is the best Papa in the whole world and I just LOVE cuddling up to him cos my Papa is the BEST! Me and my Mama know this for sure!!

God how embarassing - my mother is such a poser. Can I pretend she's not mine? And this is William trying to get Papa to smile after he had just got up to some very serious mischief ... is it any wonder that I like my own company???

First steps on the moon were nothing compared to this!!!! Princess Abigail and her legendary trotter...

My vain Mama has asked me to point out that she has lost all that post-pregnancy weight flopping over her trousers (I beg to differ, but she's telling me to shut up)

As you can see, I am not always immensely impressed by my Mama's cooking either ...

Why won't she just let me get back to going round and round in circles, backwards, in my batmobile trotter? It is one of my favorite activities after all ....

A visit from Gramma

The Welsh connection!!
William, in Wales you simply do not do that with your fingers! What would Aunty Jessie think??!!
Given the lack of Welsh cowl round here, I guess this will do! yum yum ...

Happiness is ... two demure, quiet elder brothers

William my big brother

I am SOOOOOOOO in admiration of my eldest brother William ... he is a really fascinating person for me! I love to watch him whizzing about in what he calls 'mon monde' around my high chair - my eyes fly around in all directions as I try desperately to keep sight of him. And what is most intriguing of all, is that he is so incredibly, uncontrollably naughty. Now you see, I just don't have the notion of 'naughty' in my genes - I think it must have got knocked off with that little bit of 11th chromosome - but boy, does my Big Bro know how to teach me what it is all about! He is ALWAYS in trouble, ALWAYS getting told off, ALWAYS sticking his nose where it shouldn't be ... but for some reason it doesn't seem to stop him from being incredibly popular - just like me! One of my favorite moments in the day is bathtime, cos my Big Bro always likes to come and keep me company (I suspect mostly so as to have a valid excuse - or cover - for inundating the bathroom).Doesn't he look the perfect angel here? Well guess what - that is not what he is like! Which is part of the reason I like him so much - he is my naughtiness tutor and trainer. I have a lot of progress to make on that front - but I really do have the creme de la creme when it comes to quality training!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Princess Strawberry Charlotte

Et oh et oh et oh!! Vous croyez que je vais laisser Auntie Sianie en Angleterre me voler la vedette??? Non mais!!! Je vous ai a l'œil la les gars!!!

Je suis la copine d'Abigail, et moi aussi je suis une princesse! Et tout comme Abigail, je suis ESPIEGLE à croquer! Regarde ma petite bouille pleine de malice! ET vous savez quoi? Un jour Abigail et moi on ira rencontrer la Reine a Buckingham Palace parce que NOUS, on est des princesses. Et oui!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Abigails British Bunch

I am the proud relative of lots of British people who are scattered all across the globe. Now this here is my Mama's other daughter called Sianie. She's not really her daughter, but I know my Mama loves her as if she were her daughter and smothers her a lot. Isnt that the best looking Auntie in the whole world? When I grow up I want to look just like that! Phew! What a stunner! My hair isn't quite that red but my Mum suspects its a big on the gingery side .. so there is hope for me yet eh? My Aunty Sianie is just the grooviest person in the whole world. And she speaks my special Abigail language, AND she taught me how to snog! Yes she did! She taught me to perform my very first kiss noise, last summer! A memorable moment with my Auntie Sianie (I only do this for my Auntie Sianie which my Mama is incredibly jealous about cos I refuse to do it for her or anyone else). Sianie is of course also very popular with my brothers. William finds solace in Sianie's zaniness. Erm, and teeth. Yes, they have exactly the same kind of teeth. This picture is irrefutable proof. They are very gorgeous there the two of them aren't they! Amongst all her important roles in the family, Sianie is also Nathan's Godmother. Nathan loves his Godmother LOTS and LOTS and LOTS. He says he has the best Godmother in the whole world. William would probably refute that cos he is totally besotted with his Godmother Suzi (MANY more details on that front in later chapters!). Anyway they are both wrong cos I have the best Godmother in the whole world, don't I Helen????

But back to Sianie Bianie : first person to spot Sianie, Laurent and Nathan in the christening picture (2003) wins one of my Sianie-trained snogs : go for it!

aren't we just the custest Auntie and neice in the world?

Now I also have an Uncle .. who is immensely popular with my brothers cos he teases them, tantalizes them, annoys them, and generally antagonizes him. Apparently my Mama gave him lots of training in this domain when they were growing up together. Here's a couple of pix to illustrate his antics last summer ...

and as for me, well laughable as it is, given my sizeable thighs and cheeks today, look at what a titchy little scaredy waredy I was! Gosh I prefer being the more mature Princess that I am now!