Friday, April 6, 2007

Abigails British Bunch

I am the proud relative of lots of British people who are scattered all across the globe. Now this here is my Mama's other daughter called Sianie. She's not really her daughter, but I know my Mama loves her as if she were her daughter and smothers her a lot. Isnt that the best looking Auntie in the whole world? When I grow up I want to look just like that! Phew! What a stunner! My hair isn't quite that red but my Mum suspects its a big on the gingery side .. so there is hope for me yet eh? My Aunty Sianie is just the grooviest person in the whole world. And she speaks my special Abigail language, AND she taught me how to snog! Yes she did! She taught me to perform my very first kiss noise, last summer! A memorable moment with my Auntie Sianie (I only do this for my Auntie Sianie which my Mama is incredibly jealous about cos I refuse to do it for her or anyone else). Sianie is of course also very popular with my brothers. William finds solace in Sianie's zaniness. Erm, and teeth. Yes, they have exactly the same kind of teeth. This picture is irrefutable proof. They are very gorgeous there the two of them aren't they! Amongst all her important roles in the family, Sianie is also Nathan's Godmother. Nathan loves his Godmother LOTS and LOTS and LOTS. He says he has the best Godmother in the whole world. William would probably refute that cos he is totally besotted with his Godmother Suzi (MANY more details on that front in later chapters!). Anyway they are both wrong cos I have the best Godmother in the whole world, don't I Helen????

But back to Sianie Bianie : first person to spot Sianie, Laurent and Nathan in the christening picture (2003) wins one of my Sianie-trained snogs : go for it!

aren't we just the custest Auntie and neice in the world?

Now I also have an Uncle .. who is immensely popular with my brothers cos he teases them, tantalizes them, annoys them, and generally antagonizes him. Apparently my Mama gave him lots of training in this domain when they were growing up together. Here's a couple of pix to illustrate his antics last summer ...

and as for me, well laughable as it is, given my sizeable thighs and cheeks today, look at what a titchy little scaredy waredy I was! Gosh I prefer being the more mature Princess that I am now!

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Frog Roger waiting to turn into a prince said...

What a famous and busy princess! And look at all the shots, the paparazzi are already after her!