Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Four eyes

YES! Mama finally took me to the glasses shop ...
And this lovely lady helped me choose a lovely new pale green pair. Definitely fit for a Princess methinks

I did spend most of this weekend getting used to havingglasses perched on my perfect little snub nose again ...
But I got the gist of it all in the end:

There ... ... what do you think?

Weird, I thought that with new glasses I would see better ...

where's the slide gone??

Mama is getting her maternal sword and shield out

Mama is feeling pretty … perplexed at the moment.

Its September soon.

September means its time for three-year olds to start school. All those baby girls who were born the same time as me in our little village will be holding their Mama’s hand as they accompany them on their first day at school.

Mama has been off plowing files and papers (for all their incredible qualities, the French administrations are a little too fond of paperwork, dixit Mama)and has finally managed to get the State agreement enabling Princess Moi to have a personal assistant in school. After all, I am a Princess, I need my personal staff with me when I start school.

Mama told Papa last night that her bubble had been burst. Well she could have told me, that’s all I can say! I love bubbles! Especially the pink ones I blow at the CAMSP, my special centre I go to twice a week, to see my occupational and speech therapists.

The CAMSP doctor told Mama yesterday at their regular six-month progress-monitoring meeting that September was probably too early for me to go to school. And that the world I live in (I think she means the Princessly parallel universe I inhabit) wasn’t compatible with thriving in school. That in fact it would worry me, and put me off school forever (heaven forbid! How can I ever be a rocket scientist if I don’t go to school, pray tell??).

Mama knows they are right. She had just forgotten … to think about it. She was so busy doing all the warfare and paper-pushing, that she forgot to think about whether it was really right for me. She’s jolly glad the CAMSP people put her back on the right tracks.

Bear in mind that I have always decided when I’m ready for milestones. When I was born, few doctors were able to say if and when I would ever walk. For all his talented physiotherapeutic expertise, Claude couldn’t get me to walk until I decided that the time was right. Remember the open-heart surgery I was supposed to have shortly after I was born? Well, Mama went off on her battling mission, getting everything in place … and lo and behold, after several months of Mama’s preparation with the Doctors, I decided that I was going to let my heart repair itself. Operation cancelled. Cos I had decided to get better all by myself (its quite boring being perfect you know). All my life I have shown Mama, Papa and that medical crew out there, that I will decide when things happen in my life. I have my own pace, my own rhythm, and I like to take my time in order to get things done properly.

Mama, I’m fine ok? I will start school next year. That’s what I’d planned anyway, but you forgot to plug into my telepathy to understand that. In the meantime, I will continue to go to the crèche, see my friends there. Nounou will continue to look after me during the day (Nounou is my Nanny and I love her to bits and pieces) and I will get lots of quality time with my adoptive sister Pauline. Those moments are still important for my learning-about-the-world curve. I’m going to spend the next twelve months learning all sorts of new skills in preparation for when I decide I will be ready for school, which will probably be in September 2010.

See Mama, I’m a very special Princess!