Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good news on my haemophilia stuff!

I just saw my hematologist at the Children’s hospital
She’s the one who diagnosed my Jacobsen’s Syndrome when I was born
and saved my life.
I LOVE this Doctor, she is SOOOOOOOOOO nice!

She takes really good care of my weird blood issues
and she wears some pretty funky clothes which Mama LOVES
Can you see all those bruises on my arms and body?

Yet it turns out : my blood issues are improving!

You may remember, when I was born my platelets were so low that the Doctor’s couldn’t understand how I could still be alive … but blood transfusions were quick to put color back into my face and nudge me back into the world of the living.

Well, today my platelet levels are just like any other child of my age! It took two years for their count-level to get this far...

Isn’t that good news! It means my body has been doing a jolly good job of making me strong.

I still have to seeing my hematologist regularly because whilst I now have the same number of platelets, they don’t do as good a job as other people’s platelets, which is why I’m always covered in bruises. I have to be careful in case it ever turns into a hemorrhage or something.

But the Bernard Bunch is really chuffed at the good news! Isn’t it cool that my lucky star shines so bright? And that my blood doctor is so groovy!

Now listen folks :

I had an adventure on my way back from the Children’s hospital.

See this thing here:

Well, guess what. Mama didn’t.

She just kept whizzing along in her batmobile like 'ain't no thing'

And then there was a boom. Well actually there wasn't a boom.

Cos Mama and the other car both stopped in time.

Phew … BIG sigh of relief : no accident.

This was the car Mama avoided :


I was so worried by the whole situation that I continued to sleep.

Anyway, the policeman pointed a finger through the car window at Mama, as if to say

'You naughty person! Don't do that again"
And off we drove back home.....

As you can see, I was still very troubled by the whole episode.

One the motorway on the way home, William noticed something in the wing mirror:

Lots of lights and sirens and cars ... all apparently following Mama .... who kept bumbling along oblivious to the fact that they were all after ... HER!!!! She even waved at them in a friendly way as they whizzed in front of her and tried to pull her over. Mama can be REALLY dense sometimes, and she REALLY didn't cotton on for a while ...

But eventually she realized that all the lights and cars and sirens were for her ... and in confusion and dismay, she stopped the car, and asked what was going on ....

it turns out, that when Mama saw the policeman earlier pointing a finger through the car window at Mama, as if to say 'You naughty person! Don't do that again", what he was actually saying was

PULL OVER! In the name of the law!

OOOPS again!

Well, Mama ended up with a much-deserved fine for not stopping at the 'Stop' sign (go tell all your Mama's and Papa's that they must be REALLY careful with road rules and respect them all)

But she is glad she learned the lesson before any real damage was done.

As you can tell, I was truly traumatized by the whole incident :

And I didn't wake up until I got home, and discovered THIS under the Christmas tree!!

Lots of goodies for William Nathan and me!!!

And later, I met Father Christmas in person, at the local "intermarche' supermarket! Take a look at the piccies on Pauline's blog all about me : http://les-soeurettes-mimi.skyrock.com/. Please leave her a comment, cos she spends a lot of time on her 'Abigail blog' and as my adoptive big sis, deserves some encouragement. And she speaks fluent English!
Father Christmas is such a nice person!!!
Oh hurry up Thursday!!!!