Monday, February 23, 2009

Dancing Queen

You liked Abba's 'Dancing Queen' routine?

Wait till you see the best dancing routine ever ... click on the icon below for more!!!!

And please ignore my soggy low-hanging nappy ... it was first thing in the morning and Mama hadn't got round to getting me dressed yet .... Sunday mornings take a long time to happen at the Bernard Bunch!

oh - and by the way - don't forget that those funny noises, which sound a small animal screaming and suffering, are just my usual 'communication' noises ... its just me saying 'Hey folks I'm having a whale of a time'!!! I'll learn to use your words and sentences sometime soon, but in the meantime, I like MY sounds, thank you very much!!!

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Dancing Queen February 2009

by Princess Abigail!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mischief maker

"HELLO guys! Wanna hear about some of my latest mischief???"

I intend to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in a couple of years, and that requires a substantial amount of training. I started my programme by practicing with the front-room table. Pretty impressive stuff! Mama's vintage 70's salad bowl didn't think so though. Don't grown-ups just make such a fuss about nothing? You'd have thought that instead of taking this photo, Mama could have saved her sacred bowl instead???!!! Fortunately, I know how to squirm out of trouble ... a coy mischievous look in her direction INVARIABLY works. She's such a sucker!

Mama collects Pippa dolls. Its a strange hobby, but she had Pippa dolls as a girl and keeps her precious collection in a very safe place far from my mits. Well, that's what SHE thought!!!

My meanie Mama whipped them out of my grasp before I could even play with them (loud grunt of disgust) ... I got my revenge with one of my FAVORITE tricks though .... (mischievous giggle)

I like to wait until Mama has just got me out of the bath and dressed my in my spinkiest and nicest-smellingest pyjamas

with an air of innocense, I discretely reach for a spoon ...

and hey presto I have added a whole new dimension to the term "clean out of the bath"

The spoon invariably gets snatched off me though (snarl)
so I read the Teletubbies book Mandorallyn sent me instead

I would wash my face myself ... I just haven't quite got the hang of getting those tissue things out of their packet (note the funky T-shirt Gracie???!!!)

This is one of my summit meetings with my brothers

where we plan forthcoming mischief ... they are certainly a great inspiration to me.

I was mischievous enough a few nights ago to contradict another one of those silly diagnosis that the Doctors gave me ... declaring that I would not be able to eat solid food until I was a lot older, if at all. That is was part of my ‘syndrome’…

What a load of kodswallop!!! Mama served pizzas to the boys (their Friday night treat to go with the film we hire!!) and I DEMANDED that Mama give me a slice. I mean come on, a Princess has to know a little about Pizzas to appreciate the grander things in life, right? Now I noticed Mama looked a bit puzzled because she is used to feeding me puree with a spoon. I gently nudged her in the right direction by pointing at the pizza and then pointing at my mouth. See!! Who needs words when body language will do the trick??? So Mama fed me a whole slice of pizza (four-cheeses – it was heavenly!) and I chewed my way down the entire slice! Mama is still jumping around in joyous amazement! (come on Mama, its only a slice of pizza, get real!!)

There is a downside to permanently performing miracles of this kind though.
Mama was so excited at the accomplishment that, unlike with the salad bowl episode above, she clean forgot to take photos. So I'll just have to leave the incident to your wild imaginations!!!
.....What do you mean, "asleep already" ...

wouldn't YOU be exhausted after all that mischief??!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nathan and Mama forsake me for Paris

Remember last week, Mama and Nathan wickedly abandoned me so that they could have some quality bonding time in Paris? Well, click on this of you want to see what they got up to. but I warn you, its very long, yaaaaawwwwwnn......

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Nathan a Paris fevrier 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brothers look quite silly at the barbers

People were starting to call my brothers "Mademoiselle" because their hair had got so long.
So Mama took them to the local barbers.
At first, I sat back and enjoyed the new scenery

And then I saw this:

and I started giggling

And then I saw this:

and I started laughing quite a lot

In fact I found it all so amusing
and my laughter was so contagious
that William and Nathan started laughing too
The barber threatened all three of us with a straight-jacket if we didn't keep still

They need to add 'Develop a sense of humour' to the 'learning to be a barber' curriculum, that's what I say.

Grandad and I

Grandad came to visit ... it was so nice seeing him again! And as you can see, we get on really well! He was cracking silly jokes about Mama's inability to produce properly focussed photographs ....
more to come shortly .... Mama's a bit bogged down .... Tu vois ton nounours Laetitia???!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A sample of some of Mama's thousands of bow purchases

This morning, Mama and my brothers decided it was time for me to strutt my stuff.

So I did! Please join me on this catwalk of hair-bows!!!

Now here we have a little turquoise and brown number that, methinks, we should baptise the "Abigail" bow, for my namesake in America who will soon be moving back to California, and who mentioned previously she liked these kind of colours....

This little gem is one of Mama's favorites ... denim and pink ... which methinks Megan mentioned she liked when she saw it in a different post. But doesn't it look just SOOOO much better on me than on that other model, Megan?

This is a crazy bow. Terribly funky. Which means, of course, that it just HAS to be called the 'Jessie bow'

Mama loves this series of photos cos she says they truly capture my little expressions

Now THIS bow, folks, is, without a doubt, the GRACIE bow ....

Look Gracie! Mama and I are BOTH sporting it for you!!

This one is a real Minnie Mouse minxie bow ... and it definitely would look OUTRAGEOUS on a red-head. So this bow is now called the Samantha bow! Its important to remember that the bow looks heaps better when you have sticky-up hair ...

Hey Mandorallyn, do you recognize this bow? Isn't it beautiful? I wear it a lot you know! We call it the "Mandorallyn and AvonLea" bow!

And these are SOOOOOOOOOO Mama's favorites (don't tell anyone, but she tried them on herself this morning and left them on for AGES and AGES. I reckon she's got a plan up her sleeve). Now, as these are demure, sophisticated yet discretely mischievous bows, these definitely have to be called the 'Barbara bows'. Would their namesake agree?

Mama went mad with her camera this morning... sorry if this series is repetetive and boring, but Mama really is crazy about the expressions on my face here ..

And these are my 'let it all hang loose' bows. So shall we call it the 'Cally bows'? What do you think Izzie?

Ok folks, thanks for being patient with my Mama's obsession for bows!

She has been for group therapy and believes the obsession may be under control at last

Papa has made her promise not to buy anymore ...

I don't mind .... just as long as I get to watch lots of Beatrix Potter. Thanks Aunty Sianie for my new favorite video to watch!!

Right folks, I'm off, my Grandad has just got here, so I'm off to have lots of fun and be spoiled rotten! Then Mama is off to Paris with Nathan for a couple of days, so in the absence of my scribe, I may be quiet for a while! But watch this space ... I will be back!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blog awards galore

Thank you Lisa and Gracie and Amber for my two spanking new blogging awards!!! How much more chuffed could a young Princess get I ask??!!! And you know what? I LOVE awards! I can’t get enough awards!

"I would like to thank my Mama, my Papa, my brothers, my agent, my publicist and my fame campaigners for this award … and please accept a Princessly bow in thanks. I am truly grateful (and I’m just about having to scrape Mama off the ceiling here she’s so excited!) "

Thank you Lisa for the Promixity Award. I fully understand the responsibility that this awards goes (I quote) “to kind bloggers who aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!”

In this context, I have three people I want to share this Award with

Amber in Africa is a truly wonderful person. Mama is crazy about her. This blog is about her time as a nurse in Africa – an unusual perspective on the person who we see in Gracie’s blog. Amber just does not realize just how lovely she is. Truly selfless, thoughtful, loving, and just a tad off her rocker! It was The Universe which brought their paths together ... and maybe one day, Amber and Mama will go to Zambia together ....

A Mothers Angst is a blog that Mama has taken a shine to because this lady is real. The things she says about her kids – their mutual trials and tribulations – are so sensitive, truthful and insightful. This lady is so worth listening to. Wise and lots of humour.
Carmencita is on the tough road of adoption in Ukraine. She’s been a couple of times, and has so far come home empty-handed. Carmen is already so in love with her daughter, even though she hasn’t met her yet. Carmen really deserves this award for her courage and determination.

Amber has given me a gorgeous 'HONEST SCRAP' award! Now this really appeals to Mama’s sense of off-the-wall-ness. What kind of a name is that???!!! But I like it!! This award is all about brilliant content and design, so I am all the more flattered! I must remember to thank my blog designers. I reckon it’s my exquisite bows which got me this award, myself!

Mama tells me I now have to choose fellow bloggers who deserve to also receive the Honest Scrap award…. Well that is EASY PEASY!!! There are two of them

Abigail is creativity personified. She is amazing. No other person on earth deserves this award more than Abigail. Well, apart from me of course. Abigail, you can only receive this award if you agree to use it as an impetus to share your crafting talent with the rest of the world and start selling your stuff. GO GIRL GO!!!

Pauline is my adoptive sister. Pauline is crazy about me. And I'm pretty fond of her too! Pauline is Christine (my Nanny)’s daughter. I spend all my week days with Pauline, and she posts photos on her blog so Mama can keep tabs on all the Princessly things I am getting up to in her absence. Merci Pauline de t’occuper si bien de moi comme ca, tous les jours!

So inspirational are these awards, that I have decided to make up an award of my own!!! Ladies and Gentlemen (drum-roll), introducing ….

This is an award simply about love and happiness and telling people their blog is nice. Its just a plain spontaneous ‘tell as many people as you can that you love them’ award. So without a doubt, the Princess Abigail’s Bow Award goes to ….