Monday, February 23, 2009

Dancing Queen

You liked Abba's 'Dancing Queen' routine?

Wait till you see the best dancing routine ever ... click on the icon below for more!!!!

And please ignore my soggy low-hanging nappy ... it was first thing in the morning and Mama hadn't got round to getting me dressed yet .... Sunday mornings take a long time to happen at the Bernard Bunch!

oh - and by the way - don't forget that those funny noises, which sound a small animal screaming and suffering, are just my usual 'communication' noises ... its just me saying 'Hey folks I'm having a whale of a time'!!! I'll learn to use your words and sentences sometime soon, but in the meantime, I like MY sounds, thank you very much!!!

View this montage created at One True Media
Dancing Queen February 2009

by Princess Abigail!


you gotta wonder said...

I love those dance moves!

Amber said...

You know I LOVE those matching jammies! :0)
She could teach me a thing or two...I think. ;^)
I didn't even notice the "nappy" sagging down...I love that term BTW.

mommytoalot said...

Too cute!
I love the matching p.j.s
Btw what was that song? I liked it.
Abby you are so sweet and adorable.
hugs from Canada

The VW's said...

Look at you go Abigail!!! I want to come over and join the fun!! Keep on dancing sweet girl!

terena said...

Whoohoo! Rock on, Abigail. Love your bother's moves too. I see dancing runs in the family.

HeatherS said...

Oh Princess!

I love your moves and the matching jammies! The twirlling is are truly royalty. I think I need to come out and take lessons!

Much Love!

Your Princess from across the Pond-Samantha

Anonymous said...

That was fabulous!

I liked her moves!

Thank you for the performance, Princess!
Dr. B.

Popo said...

Que tu dance bien Abigail , en plus j'adore la premier chanson tu me fais trop rire ma petite soeurettte

Heléne said...


The Kewer's said...

I love it!! She is too cute