Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Scottie beams me aboard

Wow, this is a Blog! And I think its mine ... my Mama was a diary addict as a teenager, and having subsequently learned when she grew up that SO many people read her diary despite the Fort Knox security arrangements she applied to it, she figured the concept of 'blogging' would be appealing. Thanks to her gorgeous mate Big Mand for getting her into this whole blog thing which I suspect is going to become a BIG addiction! In fact, a good start to this blog would be to illustrate a two pronged new start that was very important to the life of the Bernard Bunch, which happened to coincide with a new life for Amanda too ; pregnancy! Ok, it wasn't my Mamas first pregnancy, but this one was even more special cos it was the beginning of MOI, little princess ABIGAIL!!!!! Now, lets see if I can find a piccie that illustrates this opening phase to what I suspect will be a long saga of blogging ... lucky me having a blog at such a young age!

Sorry Laurence, Mama has roped you into my blog now too, just for the sake of illustrating pregnancy, and she doesn't even look pregnant on that photo but I can't start a blog without including her mate Laurence too!!! Here's Laurence and me, under that large white shirt:

Right, now all of this is fine and cute, but wait to see what a bigger Abigail looked like from without! Why is it somepeople can get pregnant and just get big around the belly - for some reason, Abigail's Mum (and it was exactly the same for William and Nathan) got collosally huge from head to foot? Look, see for yourself!

Doesn't Big Brother Nathan look impressed by that humongous bulge! William didn't even want to get near it (although he did eventually when pressurised into accepting bribery in the form of a Darth Vador disguise ... the strangest things make people happy. There will no doubt be stories later about Capwoman - but let's not digress). Here's Big Bill and Big Nathe the day before they met me: (have to turn your head cos I haven't figured out yet how to turn pictures round - I'm a high tech princess me!). Just hours before they became Big Brothers to a little Princess! Right, that's enough for a first entry - but there will be many more! Now let's see if I can publish this thing ...