Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tears, Turf, and Too Sweet


Cousin Lena came to visit this weekend

She's a very sociable kind of person
She was really pleased to see us

She was particularly happy when I attempted
to 'borrow' her dummy

You look like my doll
does your head come off too?

Mesmerized, I followed Lena around EVERYWHERE

What WAS this creature
playing with all my stuff???

I was hot on her tracks

every time she tried to dash into my room

Uncle Laurent changed her nappy on my changing deck!


I was quite fascinated at this new 'sharing' thing that was going on

"ahem ... erm .. Lena ... um

that's my doll's pushchair"

"Yeah? And?"

Oh COME ON Lena!
That's my TOILET!
Enough is enough
this is going too far

I've had enough of you
Yes I know its rude
but to say 'goodbye' is my only way of indicating
that I've had enough
I did it quite a lot to Lena!

Lena is Mama's God daughter
She is dotty about her
You can hardly blame her really!
Look at her!!!

As Royal as myself, methinks!!!!

Yes, tis true, her Papa looks like .... well, a crook, really ... but he isn't! He's the sweetest pumpkin pie in the whole world! And he's a great Godfather for Nathan

When he did this
Lena started crying all over again
She quite likes crying
I think I'm going to give it a try myself
it seems to get you your own way quite a lot!!

Definately some inspiration for me there!!!

Ahem ... that's my Lala
If I were you, I would give it back
I have two VERY BIG brothers.....

And a Papa who is utterly potty about me

Watch this space for more! Coming soon : a day at the Lambolley household, and my fantastic achievements on a slide!!! Woo hoo, fascinating stuff hey????