Saturday, May 24, 2008

A BIG Thank you to a lovely lady called Laeticia

oooohhh la la la la!!
I just received this mysterious box in the post ... I wonder what it can be!!!
Oh my goodness, its Dipsy - and Lala - oooh la la!!

This Lala is almost bigger than I am - my eyes nearly popped out of my little head (a difficult feat with my new glasses, mind you)

Mama, who send me these GORGEOUS teletubbies???

It was a lovely lady called Laeticia, who Mama met on ebay .... she took a shine to you Princess Abigail, and decided to send you all the teletubbies that her own daughter had grown out of ... now isn't that a nice thing to do????

It sure was Mama - and they taste SOOOOO yummy too!! Must be because they come from the North of France ....

I LOOOOOOOVVE my new teletubby .... can you tell???

Happiness is teletubbies - wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


Vous etes vraiment une personne formidable ....

Et Abigail a vraiment beaucoup de chance!!!!

La famille Bernard embrasse Laeticia vraiment tres tres fort ....