Saturday, May 24, 2008

A BIG Thank you to a lovely lady called Laeticia

oooohhh la la la la!!
I just received this mysterious box in the post ... I wonder what it can be!!!
Oh my goodness, its Dipsy - and Lala - oooh la la!!

This Lala is almost bigger than I am - my eyes nearly popped out of my little head (a difficult feat with my new glasses, mind you)

Mama, who send me these GORGEOUS teletubbies???

It was a lovely lady called Laeticia, who Mama met on ebay .... she took a shine to you Princess Abigail, and decided to send you all the teletubbies that her own daughter had grown out of ... now isn't that a nice thing to do????

It sure was Mama - and they taste SOOOOO yummy too!! Must be because they come from the North of France ....

I LOOOOOOOVVE my new teletubby .... can you tell???

Happiness is teletubbies - wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


Vous etes vraiment une personne formidable ....

Et Abigail a vraiment beaucoup de chance!!!!

La famille Bernard embrasse Laeticia vraiment tres tres fort ....


AbbyDawn said...

Mandorallyn thinks you are stunning in your glasses! She delighted in calling your Teletubbies by name as we read!

Les Trois Aces... said...

super tous ces teletubies Eva aussi adore elle les surnommes ses bizbiz elle a 2 parures de couettes et je sais pas pourquoi elle a aussi cette attirance pourtant elle n'a jamais vu les cassettes dit moi tu es super mignonne avec tes nouvelles lunettes big bisous ABI ta petite miss tornade Eva.

Rob at Kintropy said...

What a wonderful surprise for you, Abigail! Enjoy your new playmates. Hannah's much-chewed Elmo laughs and says "Hi" to your Teletubbies.

jėss.T said...



i can see u love em. romping around with dipsy n lala.

oh, i didn't know abi wears glasses. =) she looks cute in it. tee hee hee.

je taime

jėss.T said...

havent been hearing frm u in a while, lil princess?

=D too busy, perhaps?