Monday, February 2, 2009

Parcels Parcels Glorious PARCELS!!

Remember Laetitia ?????

My lovely friend from the North of France?

Well, click on this photo to discover more!

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Laetitia's parcel from North France


A lesson in table etiquette a la Princesse

At long last, my blogger scribe has returned to the land of the living. Mama is a miserable patient ... the Bernard Bunch is frankly quite glad she's back at work where it can no longer hear her perpetual ranting and raving and 'agfhgl my throat huuuuuuuuurts'. Sigh ....

I believe that the time has come for me to share what I know about French Princess Table Etiquette. Of course, style class and elegance all come naturally to me, because I am a Princess. For those of you, however, to whom this does not come as naturally, and yet who are interested in learning -and possibly plagiarizing - my style, here are some basic rules as it relates to Princess Abigail Table Etiquette.

Step 1:
Select a top-of-the-range French yoghurt-creme
Nothing but the very best for us classy gals:

Step 2:
Ensure Princess fingers are perfectly manucured and dainty before commencing consumption. Every detail is important, and pretty fingers add to the enhanced taste of the French yoghurt.

Step 3:
Insert delicate fingers (and fist) into aforementioned French dairy product and ensure only a small portion slips into the mouth.
Step 4:
Pout a lot. Princesses pout a lot, especially when consuming expensive French dairy products

Step 5:
Complain about the state of the recipient housing the expensive French Dairy product.

Step 5 :
Don't ever look sheepish or bashful. Hold your head high, spread a nonchalent expression across your beautiful face, and watch as people clean up around you.

Anyone want to sign up for private Etiquette classes?