Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up pretty early on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys - where are all those prezzies you've being going on about??!

Aha - there they are!

Yes! The bouncy ball you promised me!

OK guys - time for my birthday barbecue!

I'll play with Nathan whilst you prepare it all, ok Papa?

"I know she planted some black tulips somewhere around here.. mutter mutter ... can anyone else help me spot them?"

A birthday treat from me to my brothers : a bouncy castle spree!

And quad-rides ...Quite exhausted me it did, all that being a spectator in my pushchair ...

Next birthday stop : The Senior Bernard Bunch in the village next door! Yoopee!

My job was to blow out three candles .... (ignore the "62" - my Uncles played a trick on my Mamie who's birthday is two days before mine - she had a "3" candle on her cake)

I tried to blow ... but the sun was a bit tough on my eyes, and my new pair is still being tailor made for me (have I told you I smashed my old pair to smithereens?) so I wasn't as cooperative as most Princesses could be on such a regal occasion.

But I laughed and giggled and found it hilarious to watch everyone else huffing and puffing for me!

Thank you Godfather Franck for diligently attempting to light the candles at least a hundred times - it was quite breezy in the Lyon region on Sunday!

It was lovely having all my family around me for my THIRD birthday! Look at me here! In the end I blew - but it was on Mama's cup of tea cos it was steaming hot. What's so funny about that?

Thank you everyone who has been so kind as to leave me all my birthday wishes - it has really warmed my cockles, as Mama would say. Its lovely to know I have so many lovely jubbly friends out there!!!!!! Huge snogs to you all!