Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So what's going on here?

What's that big egg-looking thing there Mama?

Ooooh look it just hatched!!! A spinky and tiny little sister!!!

Gosh ... that was five years ago already!

William was so proud to bring his lil sister Abigail back to her new home!!!

a first bath at home which made us all nervous!

And now look at the little minx, blowing out her five candles at school in front of her class mates! Look at her smile as her 30 classmates all sing "Happy Birthday Abigail" to her!

Preparing to blow .... those weird candle thingies

I know! I have to blow ... here goes ....

Hey guys - you can all eat the cakes ... all I'm interested in is my Farley's Rusk .... my favorite!!!

Now let's take the left-overs to all the kids and teachers in the other classes!

ok .... now time to catch up a little on every-day life ....

I have developed a furious appetite ... not bad for someone who took forever to like food eh?

William and Nathan are growing up just as quickly as I am!!

Grandad still visits us regularly .... much to Mama's content!

Aunty Sianie gave us a suprise visit from Australia and .... announced she is getting married next year!!!! Yippeee!!!!

Nathan was so happy for his Godmother!

and so was Grandad!

(yes Mama tends to get in the way a lot)...

Anyway ... more news before I write off for the night ... here I am sporting one of my favorite Princess dresses, with one of my admirors Christine:

She lent my brothers some skiing material which I tested out beforehand ...

Note the funky pink leather jacket, courtesy of Grandad!

Papa celebrated the birthday of his favorite God-daughter Celine ...

Every now and again I manage to drag Mama to the computer to update my blog ... as you may have noted, I have not been immensely succesful of late!

And in closing .... one of Mama's favorite recent photographs of me ... yes I know, it's hard to be humble when you are as groovy and cute as me!!

Watch this space for more birthday updates folks!!!!! Still two more official celebrations to go and so many adventures to tell!!!