Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Physiotherapeutic Memory Lane

Remember Claude??? My favorite physiotherapist who I would visit twice a week from the day I was born until my second birthday?

Well.... I gave him a surprise visit ... he was so moved to see me he knocked the sweets all over the floor!

Claude observed me in amazement .........and couldn't believe how much progress I had made! Don't forget, last time he saw me, I still wasn't quite walking .... and here I was clambering all over his Cabinet and getting up to all sorts of physiotherapeutic mischief!

"Ummm... Claude ... I don't think Dr Boucher would approve of this seat you know. My feet don't touch the floor. Better make amends to that pretty soon!"

We were both really pleased to see each other again ....

Au revoir Claude ... et a bientot! Maman et moi t'aimons beaucoup!!! et puis ... on va mettre la pression a la maison pour que Papa revienne te voir aussi ... l'armee des filles Bernards a l'attaque!!!


Amber said...

Lucky him to get such a visit from you! :0)
What a big girl you are now...I'm sure he couldn't be more proud.

I LOVE your hair...you wear it well!

mommytoalot said...

Abigail, first off, lucky lucky Claude to get to see you and all the progress you have made.
You are the very best dressed little princess I have ever seen, with the cutest little face, and the best hair.
Next thank you and your mommy for your very kind comments on my blog.
hugs from Canada...

Megan said...

She has grown up so much--even in the time I have been reading the blog! I love you guys like I knew you in real life! You all are precious to me! :)

Anonymous said...

Princess, you ARE something! SOME chairs are meant for bigger people. Ahem.

Claude IS most fortunate to be able to plant a kiss on your beautiful noggin. (I never did find out if that means something bad in French.)

LOVE the photos of you - esp as you chastise poor Claude for his chairs.

Also, your smiles, ah, Princess, your smiles give my heart a good feeling.
Love, Dr. B.