Friday, February 6, 2009

A sample of some of Mama's thousands of bow purchases

This morning, Mama and my brothers decided it was time for me to strutt my stuff.

So I did! Please join me on this catwalk of hair-bows!!!

Now here we have a little turquoise and brown number that, methinks, we should baptise the "Abigail" bow, for my namesake in America who will soon be moving back to California, and who mentioned previously she liked these kind of colours....

This little gem is one of Mama's favorites ... denim and pink ... which methinks Megan mentioned she liked when she saw it in a different post. But doesn't it look just SOOOO much better on me than on that other model, Megan?

This is a crazy bow. Terribly funky. Which means, of course, that it just HAS to be called the 'Jessie bow'

Mama loves this series of photos cos she says they truly capture my little expressions

Now THIS bow, folks, is, without a doubt, the GRACIE bow ....

Look Gracie! Mama and I are BOTH sporting it for you!!

This one is a real Minnie Mouse minxie bow ... and it definitely would look OUTRAGEOUS on a red-head. So this bow is now called the Samantha bow! Its important to remember that the bow looks heaps better when you have sticky-up hair ...

Hey Mandorallyn, do you recognize this bow? Isn't it beautiful? I wear it a lot you know! We call it the "Mandorallyn and AvonLea" bow!

And these are SOOOOOOOOOO Mama's favorites (don't tell anyone, but she tried them on herself this morning and left them on for AGES and AGES. I reckon she's got a plan up her sleeve). Now, as these are demure, sophisticated yet discretely mischievous bows, these definitely have to be called the 'Barbara bows'. Would their namesake agree?

Mama went mad with her camera this morning... sorry if this series is repetetive and boring, but Mama really is crazy about the expressions on my face here ..

And these are my 'let it all hang loose' bows. So shall we call it the 'Cally bows'? What do you think Izzie?

Ok folks, thanks for being patient with my Mama's obsession for bows!

She has been for group therapy and believes the obsession may be under control at last

Papa has made her promise not to buy anymore ...

I don't mind .... just as long as I get to watch lots of Beatrix Potter. Thanks Aunty Sianie for my new favorite video to watch!!

Right folks, I'm off, my Grandad has just got here, so I'm off to have lots of fun and be spoiled rotten! Then Mama is off to Paris with Nathan for a couple of days, so in the absence of my scribe, I may be quiet for a while! But watch this space ... I will be back!!!!


Abigail said...

Gorgeous bows!! And I adore your outfit in that last picture. We shall miss hearing from you and your mama as she's off!

mommytoalot said...

Oh I love all of the bows, but you Abigail are the best model ever.
I sure wish my Abigail had enough hair to just sport one teeny tiny bow.
I'd have to say my favourite is the bow that is flowing.
You are so sweet!!

Megan said...

Love them ALL! Ohhh I used to watch Beatrix Potter all.the.time!!

Pauline said...

J'aime bien tous tes neux ma biche
mes lui que je prefere c'est celui qui tombe deriere les cheveux le rose et noir !!

therextras said...

Perfect! My namesake bows are my favorite, too. Your Mum is sooo insightful, Princess.

I love the last photo as it looks as though you are reaching to me for a hug. I return the sentiment, Sweetie! Dr. B. (but Barbara to Mama)

[Aahhh! Paris! I did visit there once - 1973, when your parents were but children themselves. In my dreams I meet all my bloggy-friends one day. I have not given up hope of this!]

Kait T said...

I see you're a fan of Princess Bella Bows! I get my daughter's bows from there too... my daughter is just BARELY one and has only a few hairs to her name. I love putting her big bows on - that way people don't ask if she's a boy.
Princess Abigail is absolutely beautiful! My Princess M gets her very first pair of princess glasses in 2 weeks!

Terri said...

Absolutely gorgeous. My girls would not wear bows... I feel most deprived!

HeatherS said...

Lovely Princess!!!!

Wear the Samantha bow EVERYDAY!!! And make sure your hair is as high as it can get! Have a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa. I find these visits quite nice as no one is making me do therapy and I get quite a lot of cuddles.

We love you and feel such a connection with you and your Mama! Tell her we will cross the pond soon. Your Mama and mine can drink wine and we will wear bows :)

Hugs and snogs-
Princess Samantha and her Crazy Mama

Pauline said...

Bonjour Alison j'ai vu ton comentaire sur mon blog c'est super gentil , je c'est pas comment les prendres si tu peut m'expliquer stp merci bisouss

Denyse said...

Such adorable bows! And Abigail, you are such a dear to be so patient with your mommy taking all those pictures!

Please tell her thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day. She's such a sweetie =)

Megan said...

I am hoping that I am not pregnant! :) Not that I wouldn't love to be, it'd just be bad timing!

Amanda aka Taz said...

I love your bows sweetie!

Magi said...

Those are some awesome bows. I love them all!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jen said...

Those are some GREAT bows!

blairspage said...

I love all of those bows! There is a nurse at AR Children's that makes them! I plan to stock up again when we visit again!

Big Hugs - Tiffany

Rob at Kintropy said...

You are so patient, Abigail, and the bows look fantastic. Maybe you can talk Hannah into the whole idea?