Wednesday, April 18, 2007

William my big brother

I am SOOOOOOOO in admiration of my eldest brother William ... he is a really fascinating person for me! I love to watch him whizzing about in what he calls 'mon monde' around my high chair - my eyes fly around in all directions as I try desperately to keep sight of him. And what is most intriguing of all, is that he is so incredibly, uncontrollably naughty. Now you see, I just don't have the notion of 'naughty' in my genes - I think it must have got knocked off with that little bit of 11th chromosome - but boy, does my Big Bro know how to teach me what it is all about! He is ALWAYS in trouble, ALWAYS getting told off, ALWAYS sticking his nose where it shouldn't be ... but for some reason it doesn't seem to stop him from being incredibly popular - just like me! One of my favorite moments in the day is bathtime, cos my Big Bro always likes to come and keep me company (I suspect mostly so as to have a valid excuse - or cover - for inundating the bathroom).Doesn't he look the perfect angel here? Well guess what - that is not what he is like! Which is part of the reason I like him so much - he is my naughtiness tutor and trainer. I have a lot of progress to make on that front - but I really do have the creme de la creme when it comes to quality training!

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