Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I dispute your decision Mama!

Mama took me for a walk today ....

I mean a real walk. The 'using my legs' kind of walk.

I did not like this decision. I wanted to sit in the pushchair. So I forcefully showed Mama and William what my intentions were. I may not have words, but I sure now how to communicate with body language!

I stayed like this for a long time. At least ten minutes. I wasn't having it any other way.

And then eventually I agreed to sit 'normally'.

But it took me a while to start talking to Mama again.

Oh alright, if you insist, I'll forgive you

It was worth the tantrum though
cos Mama bought me a new garden tent
Its fantastic! It has a tunnel I can creep along!!

I'm in a good mood again

Just don't ask me to go for a walk! And if you do, bring along my pushchair!!!

bye folks!!!

oh : ps, by the way

I had a swim tonight ...

with Papa and William and Nathan...

I loved it!!!
But Mama was a little nervous ... I guess that's what Mamas are for....

Yet I enjoyed it so incredibly much!!!

I guess we can say I am a very brave little girl!!!

Bye flks!! All this swimming has exhausted me and now I need a jolly good nights sleep. A demain folks!!!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Therapy for all!

Amber said...

Good for you princess, your mama can be a bit thick....:^) I'm glad you stuck with it until she realized you weren't going to have it any other way!!!! Also, Gracie is so jealous of your yard tent, I know, it's no fun to have friends full of jealousy, we are working on it....I must admit....I'm thinking your pool looks amazing and I love the photo of you reaching for daddy!!!! So good to see you splashing about!!! Much love from here to there.

AbbyDawn said...

LOL!! I love how you climbed in to show your opinion of having to walk!! Mandorallyn is so jealous! She wants to swim too!

pauline said...

Abigail c'est génial ton jeu tu dois bien t'amusser dedans , tu es trop mimi dans ta pisicne!!!!

The Hernandez Family said...

Abigail you are such a wonderful swimmer! Herbert loves to swim too! We should have a pool party.

Eseya, Muñecas con historia said...

Hola preciosa

Ya te habia visto que estabas disfrutando a pleno.
Ten paciencia con mama, a veces somos muy pesadas cuidando que no les pase nada a nuestros niños por que los amamos con todas nuestras fuerzas y no sabriamos que hacer si ellos.

Me ha gustado tu forma de ver la vida desde la silla de paseo! Una buena optica verdad? jajajajaj

Besotes princesa!!!

Heléne said...

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Jennie said...

Quite the protest, Abigail. But you are two, after all. Should Mama expect anything less? My Nathan (whose middle name happens to be William...) is king of protests, though he'd much rather walk than sit in his stroller (unless Micah is in the stroller, then the stroller is much more fun... you know the game).
Great to "meet" you! We have some friends spending a couple of years in Basel and they're loving it!

Samsmom said...

Dear Beautiful Princess Abigail!

We are so happy to meet you! My mom and dad celebrated their honeymoon in's a very special place for them.

Be well and stay out of the hospital!!!

Samantha and her mom

nounou christine et popo said...

bonjour ma biche !
c'est pauline et nounou !
tu es une chipie ma biche !
on t'adore fort fort fort bisou bisou bisou !

Anonymous said...

abigail j'adore ton blog , il es trop bien avec toi tes photo son trop bien bisou
ps : alison stp j'ai mis une video sur le blog tu vas voir es et genial si tu peut y jeter un petit coup d'oeil sa serais tres gentil bisou

jėss.T said...

omg!!! i love love love garden tents! i used to have one in my backyard too!

they bring out the FUN in garden playtime