Monday, November 24, 2008

Bye bye Willow Au Revoir!

Once upon a time
There was a very silly lady
Who bought a beautiful weeping willow

The salesman said ‘this is a dwarf tree’
The silly lady heard ‘it can be planted anywhere cos its small’

Which is precisely what she did.
Planted it any old where.

Right next to the … house drains of all places!!

So, a few wise words from her elders and betters later,
Mama decided to give Willow away …..

… to Justine the Moose and her hubby Brunski!

Bye bye Willow!!!! Have a nice life in your new home!!!

Bon voyage!!!

ooohhh ! Wow! Justine just sent in this telegramme .....

Willow has arrived safely

.... seems happy ...

.. all is well!!

Have a nice life Willow!!!! Don’t forget to send us a card from time to time!!


Christine said...

How sad.... it is a beautiful tree.

Amber said...

I'm so jealous! Could you not have fit that into my box??? What do you think shipping would have been on that? :0)

Beautiful tree, for a beautiful family!

you gotta wonder said...

Best wishes. I'm glad you were able to save her. We had a volunteer come up in a bad spot and we ended up having to axe her before she could do damage. She'd grown sideways and apparently was too far under structure to save.

therextras said...

What a NICE story to share, Princess! I am so happy to hear of a tree being saved - and shared! We had very good luck with a 'volunteer' in our yard. Mr. Dr. B. moved it from right next to the porch to a nice place in the sun. One day soon I will post a photo of it - and it will be just for you. No caption, but you will know, it will be just for you.