Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cinderella is nothing on me today!!

A new foot-piece for my shoes!

I don’t know what they are called in English, but here in France we call them ‘prothèses’.

I had to have them tailor made for me here in Lyon. It took a long time!

But now, the way I walk has changed!

Its a really hard 'coque' (French word - don't know the English one) which fits inside my shoe

and picks up the sole of my foot. My physiotherapist says I'm a bit flat-footed, and that this is typical of children's with Jacobsens Syndrome.

Huh! I'd say its a Princess Syndrome, more like!!

Mama says I’m not all bent over like a little old lady now! And that instead I stand up straight when I walk ... so she says she may not have to send me to finishing school after all!

The whole process for tailoring these things to my feet has made me feel just like Cinderella

All that's missing now is my coach and horses ... oh, and some ugly sisters ...

Instead of ugly sisters though, I have some ugly bacteria which have taken up residence in my body. I've had terrible ear-ache for the past two days, and haven't slepped a moment for the past 48 hours because of it. It really hurts a lot. My only way to overcome the pain is to roll myself into a little ball on the floor ....

Mama says I'm being very brave and that before long the anti-biotics will take effect ... in the meantime I'm boiling hot with temperature and I'm feeling a bit under the weather - not my usual cheerful self at all!!

Send out all your positive vibes to make me better folks! I think Mama would fancy a night of sleep sometime soon too!!!


Abigail said...

I hope your antibiotics kick in soon so you AND mama can get some sleep! That's fabulous that you now have custom made inserts! My mama has them too and some day I will as well. We both have high arches which apparently fall as you get older and that hurts. Maddie's daddy has flat feet just like you! I'm glad you can walk like a princess now!!

Les Trois Aces... said...

Alors ça c'est vraiment rigolo, Charlotte a exactement les memes !!
pour corriger aussi ses petits pieds plats (pieds valgus) ! plein de grosses bises à toute la famille !

Anonymous said...

In measure, I am as dismayed by your illness and your Mum's lack of sleep as I am HAPPY to see your ‘prothèses’. We call them shoe inserts or orthotics here. I have written several times about the magic of ‘prothèses’ for the delicate feet of princesses. I am most pleased to see YRH has acquired this most important accessory. I hope your Mum will show video of you walking as soon as both of you are better and rested. Love, Dr. B.

you gotta wonder said...

I'm sorry to learn of your ear ache. I am praying for a speedy recovery. I'm delighted to learn of your protheses! This is similar to the ankle brace my daughter wore after the surgery to correct her club foot. It was very helpful and she was able to run, walk and eventually got her black belt in tae kwon do! (It was quite a brace!) J'espère que tu est meilleur bientôt.

♥ JessieTan said...


i absolutely love shoes abi dear. especially them heels~! =D


HeatherS said...

Sweet Princess!

I hope you are better soon! Earaches must be a hardship of royalty because I get them quite often too.

Here's to your pretty feet. Give your mama a smooch!

Princess S

ABIGAIL! said...

Hello. I am abigail from Singapore. I am glad you share the same name as me. Yes, the meaning of the name is JOY OF THE FATHER. Oh yeah, thanks for linking me up. How do you find my blog?

pauline said...

coucou abigail c'est popo tu es une vrai petite princess ,toutes mes copine dises que tu es vraimment trop mignone trop gentille toujurs avec le sourire elles ont bien raison , et tu c'est 1 deux mes amis crois que tu es ma vrai soeur sa me fais trop plaisir tu es trop genial bisoussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

Janette@kintropy.com said...

Hang in there Abigail!

Hannah can totally relate. She just got fitted for new orthodic shoes too. Hannah is also currently on medication for a sinous infection with an ear component.

Hannah told me to send you a hug.

DJ Kirkby said...

Ahhhh, N3S used to adopt the exact same position when he was unwell. A good way to shut everything out and I bet that floor felt nice and cool. Those insoles look amazing, just right for a princess.

you gotta wonder said...

I left an award for Mama on my site: http://amothersangst.blogspot.com/2008/11/baddest-mommy-award-and-by-bad-we-mean.html

Check it out!

Rob at Kintropy said...


Hope you feel better soon. Gotta give those shoes a good breaking-in, and I'm sure it would be more fun to do without a fever.

Take care,
Rob (& Janette & Hannah & Gabriel)

The VW's said...

Hope you get better soon Abigail! Princesses should never get sick! We'll be thinking of you!

By the way, Gavin is sick right along with you. He's been burning up with a fever and has a sore throat and ear ache as well. So, we know just how awful you and your momma are feeling!

May you have sweet dreams tonight! (You and your Momma!)