Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bad is so groovy!

How incredibly groovy! My blog has been given a a BAD award, which is a GOOD award, and certainly an award to be very proud of! Me and Mama LOVE BAD!!!! Especially when it is GOOD.

Please go visit the lovely lady who gave my blog this award ... Princess Abigail is truly grateful, Mother Angst! We love your blog too ... and Mama knows all your experiences so well ... as you say so wisely, "you gotta wonder" !!!!

Before I announce who this award will go to, here are the award-reception conditions :

1. Pass it on to 5 other bad mommy bloggers. Bad is the new good, didn’t you know? And please try to avoid noticing that Mama overstepped the "5" limit and hopes this doesn't disqualify us!

2. Link back to the award creator.

3. Tell the recipients of your award just why you’re rewarding their badness!

So, here are the blogs Mama and I want to award with a "bad mommy bloggers" - to avoid any impression of preference, the list is given in reverse alphabetical order :
Samantha is the prettiest, loveliest, most addictive little girl .... we are totally smitten with her, and also by her bold brave Mama who fights for her needs and rights and comfort like Xena the Warrior. Go Girl Go, you are a BRILLIANT Mama! Boy are we smitten with the two of you!
Pauline is my big sister, in an adoptive sense. She is my Nanny's daughter - very much an annoying teenager according to Mama (eyes rolled to ceiling) but Mama says that if she proves to us all that she can sort her own life out, Mama might make her one of my tutors when she is older. I love Pauline to bits and pieces and spend ALL my time with her during the week. We are inseperable. Just take a look at Pauline's brilliant blog all about me to get a feel of our love and admiration for each other! Ok I know she's not a Mama so technically she can't receive this award ... but she has a kind of maternal role in my life so I decided to give it to her anyway.
Johanna Evangeline in Sweden
is a soul sister who despite our age and geographical distances has so much in common with me! Her Mama is very groovy and 'rock 'n' roll' and I know Mama has taken a shine to her. Johanna recently had an operation on her skull, and she came out of it as brave as a knight ... she is a cool chick if ever there was one, and so is her Mama!
Gavin is 'class'. He is a cool dood and he is so INCREDIBLY brave! You wouldn't believe the number of life-obstacles he has overcome! His Mama and mine have clicked and understand a lot of things together, despite the ocean which separates them. Go meet Gavin quick, cos he is worth it 1000-fold!

Amber Amber Amber ... our dearest Amber ... Amber is a Bionic, Supersonic, Magical, PERFECT Mama! We have been following her blog for a little over a year now, and EACH post has us both GOBSMACKED every time!!! There is, and always will be, a very special place for Amber in Mama's heart... and it has nothing to do with the fact that she wears nail-dangles now!!!!
Aha, Abigail my namesake! Abigail intrigues Mama because although she opens her heart and life to the world on her blog, she still somehow remains mysterious ... she seems to have no secrets, yet she is still tricky to fathom. Mama LOVES that! Abigail is funny - I wonder sometimes if she realises how funny she is. And she is SUCH a talented seamstress, so creative in everything she does. But most of all, Abigail is a GREAT Mama! Mandorally is out of this world thanks to all her Mama's warm and affectionate nurturing!!!

OK folks - now go off and zap this award to deservingly BAD MAMA'S!!!! Cos BAD is GOOD!!


The VW's said...

Thanks for the award! "Bad Momma", I kind of like the sound of that! From one Bad Mom, to another! Abigail, you and your Mom are so fun to 'know'!

Dr. B. said...

You and me - we BAD together!

Anonymous said...

coucou alison c'est pauline ca y es je crois que ma crise d'adolecente est fini en plus je retombe amoureuse c'est super c'est fini mon caractere de cochon bisous

you gotta wonder said...

Great work, Abigail! You and your Mama have identified some wonderfully BAD blogging Moms. I'll need to work on some of my translations, but from what I could read, I think you've made excellent choices.

Megan said...

Congrats on being a "bad" good mama!! :)

P.S. Sorry I haven't been stopping by to say hello too much recently..I have been so busy at work & working on my "new business" when I am not working.

Thinking of you all..I hope to one day meet you!!

Abigail said...

I know I take forever, but I'm finally acknowleding this, thanks much go read my blog!