Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And the winner is ....

Hey Guess What???!!!!

Mama cast a Bernard Bunch vote yesterday .... about my little friend in the cage behind me ...

wanna hear the results?

"Sadie" : 1 point (William)
"Peter" : 2 points (Mama and Abigail)
"Piper" : 3 points (Abigail Nathan and William)
"Happy" : 3 points (William Nathan and Abigail)
"Piquito" : 3 points (William and Nathan and Abigail)
"Milo" : 3 points (Mama, Nathan and Abigail)
And the next proposal yielded FIVE points!!!
(ok, so I can only count to 'one' on my fingers)
5 points
(Abigail, Nathan, William, Mama and Papa)

There is a kind of air of resemblance though, don't you think?????

So, PRINCESS IZZIE in Singapore is the winner!!!! Since you are too far away for me to hug and congratulate, I decided to give that part of the prize to William instead!

Sooooo, Izzie, zap me your grandparents address in France and Mama has a Teletubby parcel all ready to go!!!


Megan said...

Banana is a cute name! Yay for the birdie not being nameless anymore!

therextras said...

I like *Banana*, too! The vote reveals the wisdom of the electorate!

What a beautiful new member of the Bernard home! I am so please for you to have such a wonderful pet. Dr. B.

Jamie D said...

Excellent choice! I like the voting idea too!

I wanted to let you know, I was a a friends house today, admiring her loot from France! You are so thoughtful and generous (Miss Abigail too for adding the frog!) I'm curious, do you have any holiday simialar to our Thanksgiving?

Christine said...

The last picture is so cute.

Amber said...

A name at last! We all deserve one. :0) I'm amazed that the bird is surviving...being that close the the ground...Grace certainly would have lovingly crushed it by now. :0)

Isabelle said...

Hurray!!! I won!!! Sometimes I can't quite say banana and it just comes out as naaaaana. Do you call it banane - the french version?

Princess Abigail said...

My new word for 'Banana' is "Cally"!!!!

Well done little girl - send me your gramma's address to the email account ok???

Lord only knows what I'm going to call his female friend who we will be purchasing this weekend ... "Custard" maybe????

Pauline said...

coucou Abigail j'adore trop ton blog , j'y vais assez souvent bisous bisous

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Love the pictures!! :) The last one, hugging, is SO cute.

Hey Mama, do you make those great long bibs? I have never seen anything like that. It would be perfect to keep my Peanut from drooling on herself!