Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tweet tweet tweet!!

I am very fond of our family canary ... he is really very cute.

I spend many an hour with my hand stuck as far into the cage as I can, trying to get hold of those interesting looking loaf-things mama leaves in the bottom for him.

My only concern is that, despite his popularity with the Bernard Bunch, he has no name ....

Any suggestions from Bloggerland out there?
The WINNER (ie: he/she who ends up giving my canary his new name) will win a teletubbies from my personal collection!!! Hard to resist eh? Go for it!!!


Abigail said...

I'm rather fond of canaries being named Peter. Because we had a canary when I little who died when I was in kindergarten (he came with our house. . .)anyway, his name was Peter. Peter the canary. :)

Princess Abigail said...

Peter would work really well in French - I bet NO other canary in France is called Peter!

Isn't there a famous Peter the Canary out there somewhere? A cartoon or something?

Thanks for the suggestion Abigail - we LIKE that one!!!

Megan said...

We just got a puppy yesterday..(you all are the first to know!) and had the HARDEST time naming her. We finally settled on "Sadie". Naming is tough! Good luck!!

Princess Abigail said...

Sadie ... hmmm... that IS a nice name. Just tricky for a male canary to carry off. Gorgeous for a puppy though ; well done megan!! Great choice!!!


Desde siempre en casa han habido animalitos de todas clases y es curioso pero siempre a los canarios les llamaba "piquito" si tenia dos pues "piquito 1" "piquito 2" a los gatitos que por cierto me encantan les llamaba "gati" y a los perritos a todos les llamba Miky si eran machos y Dana si son hembras, ahora tenemos una perrita un coker que se llama "Dana"nuestra danosa rosa somo las dos mujeres de la casa.... y pronto seremos tres chicas eso espero... Alison Gracias por tu comentario en nuestro blog es un honor tenerte como amiga y dale muchos besitos a Abigail la princesita mas bonita del universo....(ojala gane el nombre que os he dado:" Piquito")
a si me tocara el teletubi , que emocion.


Querida amiga te voy a enviar a tu correo una foto de mi Hijo Miguelin para que la pongas en este sitio donde has puesto fotos de niños y me gustaria que la pusieras tambien . tu me dices si te pa puedo mandar ..

Amber said...

I'm feeling disappointed that this has been opened up to the my creative juices have been constipated! Here we go...The Baker family...consisting of Michael, Emma and myself...came up with Milo. This uses letters from the amarillo....yellow in Spanish.
I am a horrible "namer of pets" but I feel that together...the three of us...did a smart job of it! :0) Good luck!!!!!

Jamie D said...

I'm going to suggest Piper, but your decision is going to be difficult I'm sure!

Isabelle said...

I only have a few words in my vocabulary but my favourite at the moment might be appropriate........BANANA!

The VW's said...

I vote for the name, Happy. Yellow is such a happy color and I'm sure your canary will bring much happiness to your home! Have fun deciding! If you happen to pick this name, please keep your teletubbie! I know how much you adore them!

And, by the way Miss Abigail, looking at you makes me happy each day!

Princess Abigail said...

Carmencita amiga mia!
Me encanta el nombre "Piquito" - ademas tengo la intencion darle una amiga a mi canario muy solito - serian "Piquito 1" y "Piquito 2" ... Gracias por la foto de Miguelin ... megustaria mucho que anades una foto de ti tambien! Eres TU mi amiga de Espana!! Besos ENORMES de la Princesa y de su Mama.

Amber Michael and Emma : what a genius thought - like liquorice AllSorts - a meaningful mixture of nice sounds!!! My only problem is Milo reminds Mama of a Serb colleague of hers that she had a fight with ... but maybe this is a good opportunity to make up!!! Actually Milo IS a very cute name! I suspect Emma did all the work really though! Merci Emma de la part d'une Princesse en France! Mais je sais que tu es une Princesse aussi!

Jamie D - Piper sounds kind of musical doesn't it! This little creature is in the learning phases of song at the moment - he chirps more than 'Pipe' at the moment - but I definitely like the idea!

Princess Izzie that is so typical of you : fancy calling my canary "BANANA"!! Mama was in hysterics though ... will you tell your Mama to sign my guest-book please? I don't have anyone from singapore yet.

Gavin and family : Thank you for the cheerful suggestion! Wasn't "Happy" one of Snow Whites little men? Happy is a name which certainly suits this little feathered friend - especially when his Princess friend gets anywhere near him, he is beyond himself with joy! Much love to Prince Gavin!!!

Hey guys, you have all done a tremendous job!! How on earth am I going to choose - I love them all! Looks like I might have to do a lucky - dip!!!

Huge snogs to you all and THANK YOU

Princess Abigail
and her Butler Mama

HeatherS said...

Obama....just because :)

Princess S.

♥ JessieTan said...

canaries remind me of tweety bird - the popular looney tunes cartoon character!


"i tawt i saw a puddy tatt"

LOL. *hugggsss abi*
*waves hi to mama*