Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chromosomes, dogs, and arse-holes


Mama would like to invite ALL parents to read the above article.

And to tell her what they think.

And in fact, to tell the author what they think. Mama is hopping MAD. This is the answer Mama gave this person who compared a dog to a child with Down's syndrome

"My daughter has a chromosome affection which seriously affects her health.Your jokes about extra chromosomes are offensive. What is it about this dog which resembles my daughter? I would be grateful if you would1. have the balls to NOT ignore this comment, this time and 2. answer my question about what is so funny?"

Is Mama over-reacting folks??????

Why are people so mean? and spiteful? and hateful??? rhetoric question????


Megan said...

I am sorry people are such dumbasses. We love you to the moon & back!

HeatherS said...

You go mama bear! People are asses and stupid when it comes to these issues. I loved your comment...keep fighting the good fight :)

Princess Sam

therextras said...

Dearest Mother of Princess Abigail, How did you find such a foolish and poorly socialized blogger? I think your reaction is correct, and only you can determine if challenging the blogger is worth your time and emotional capital.

Stay with your Joy. Comment on my blog instead. I will respond with more love. Barbara

Amber said...

I am totally going to second the above comment! That was perfect, Barbara!

We love you Bernard Bunch!!! :0)

Abigail said...

That first comment on it is incredibly rude as well. People can be such ignoramouses!!!

therextras said...

Sending all the Bernards love and more love. Dr. B.

The VW's said...

Why are people so mean??!! Good for you, for sticking up for those who may not be able to stick up for themselves!

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog recently! You are such a blessing!

terena said...

I think some people simply have no idea the power of words. They think their being cute, when really their being cruel. And then they can't understand what they did wrong, so WE'RE overreacting. Good for you to speak your mind. And thanks for visiting my blog and saying hello. I love meeting new people and new blogs.

Rob at Kintropy said...

Not an over-reaction at all. Pretty offensive entry. Keep up the good fight!