Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chipmonk's tea-party - Princess fashion

I was a goat in a previous life, I'm sure

"Princess Goat"
Mama says there are more flattering titles
Like what?
"Princess I-love-to-chew-on-the-yogurt-lid-for-hours-on-end"?
I don't think so!

I think that whoever invented spoons is a pillock.

Look! No hands!

These sticky-out thingies on my juice are fun. They make entertaining rattling noises on the inside of the box if you shake it around enough ...

when Mama lets me get within reach of it, that is ... which isn't very often

....good thing I'm such a super sleuth and able to foil her attemps to prevent me from getting my mits on that magic juice-spills-every-where-if-you-squeeze-it-enough box

Mama is quite proud of myself at the moment.
I am starting to take a real interest in feeding myself.
With my hands of course, not that silly spoon thing.

"Mamaaaaaa ... can I have another yoghurt lid please?"

Look, who's the Princess around here anyway?
If I can't have my own way, then I'm clambering out of this (increasingly tight) high-chair, and am off to sulk ...

toodle pip


Abigail said...

Yay for yogurt! And apparently yogurt lids too. . .

therextras said...

I am learning more of Queen's English here.


toodle pip! Must mean something like: Adios!

Love it!

Dr. B.

mommytoalot said...

I'm back...at least commenting..lol..
Gosh Abigail..you are sooo adorable..even with a messy face. I adore you.
My Abby loves yogurt too..and she loves to make a mess.
Abby's daddy is teaching her Italian..and maybe you and your mamma can teach her some french..we know a bit of French Canadian of course..so when I listen to your momma on your videos..i understand ..a bit.
hugs from Canaada

Myhouse4nine said...

My goodness you are growing up and becoming so very independent! (Your hair is getting thicker too!) That yogurt foil must just feel good to chew, My daughter prefers rubber bands but Princesses must really go for the precious "metals". Have a great day, and thanks to your mom for taking such wonderful pictures of your adventures!

terena said...

Psst... Princess. If you squeeze the juice box really hard the juice will squirt out of the straw like a fountain. Don't tell your mom. ;-)

Amanda aka Taz said...

Princess Abigail, please come teach me to eat! My problem is momma wants me to eat with my hands...she says it's good for sensory integration issues but I disagree. When we are older we must get together and straighten these adults out.

Momma liked the comment about Texas, Mexico and sounding American. She laughed out loud.