Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mama got told off by Justine today

Justine told Mama off at work today cos she says Mama doesn't update my blog frequently enough. Justine is quite a tough lady. So Mama has asked me to explain that its all my fault. I have been changing outfits willy nilly all around the house every minute of the day ... what else can you expect? It takes up all of Mama's time!!!!!!!


Amber said...

The cutest super hero ever!!!
Loving mama's version of the bat man theme...very nice! ;0)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the update, superhero!

mommytoalot said...

Awww my girls enjoyed watching Abi.
she's so sweet.
Now they say..I want to watch the other Abi again

Anonymous said...

You certainly understand the meaning of each outfit!

Please tell your Mama I was lax in sending holiday greetings. I will blame our children, too. Having CollegeSon home was too wonderful to spend time on the computer!
Dr. B.

Terena said...

It's hard keeping up with super Princess. :-)

Cinda said...

Time goes by at a rapid pace when you have a Princess around...and you don't want to miss a minute or forget a thing. Thank you for sharing!