Friday, November 27, 2009

Mama says I sulk too much

I have developed a new means of communication
for telling my entourage that I am not happy
That I disagree

That I want my own way
That I want to be picked up
That I don't want to walk by myself
or that I want my dummy
Mama tells me I should give it up because
  • it makes my clothes dirty
  • it drives her mad
  • it often puts my life in danger cos I choose stupid places to do it
  • it drives her mad
  • it embarrasses her
  • it drives her mad
  • people stare at us
  • it drives her mad


Amber said...

If it brings you ANY comfort...Grace likes this method of communication as well. :0)

Abigail said...

Not fun!

terena said...

I'm afraid it isn't wise to drive your mama mad, dear princess. perhaps your dresses will last longer as well. but I know it's hard not to sulk when you really really really really really want something right now.

Katy said...

I hear ya on this one! I taught Charlie how to whine because he used to SCREAM about everything that upset him. Now, I'm a bit tired of the screaming. If only had more luck teaching him how to talk:)

Cinda said...

I have been there myself!

Marla said...

Oh my does that bring back memories. I threw my back out many times dragging M to a car or an office. It went well beyond a child's normal unwillingess to move. Hugs.