Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sew what??

About a week ago, Mama bought a sewing machine.

Mama has never had a sewing machine.

Mama has no clue how to sew.

So she decided to take sewing lessons ... so far, she has had two.

Mama is quite enthusiastic about sewing. In fact, I hardly see her anymore. She is usually to be found with her nose in her noisy machine, vanished beneath a fabric mountain chain. Only the occasional scissor chopping and muffled expletive can be heard ...

Yesterday, Mama took the day off from work ... to sew.

I was going to get all jealous - after all, who is the Princess? Me or the Singer? But then, she showed me this :

My first ever home-made frock! With vaguely matching jeans (Mama made a real mess of the jeans, and is unable to sew the leg seam closed again - she broke FIVE needles in the trying process though~!)

Now you will note that everything is uneven, and if you were to sneak your nose into the inside, there lies within a labyrinth of thread, orphaned hanging fabric, and broken needle heads which she can’t unknot from the material.

"Good try Mama!" I would say that a Princess deserves a little more quality in the fine-tuning of her attire – but I’m not going to, or I won’t see you again for another week!’

Oh – and THANK YOU Abigail in Utah for the inspiration. Mama looks forward to adopting you as her on-line seamstress tutor shortly!


Abigail said...

Oh Abigail, keep telling your mama how amazing she is. Even I break like 4 needles every outfit! And for that to be the first outfit she has made is utterly amazing! The uneven lines give it character! I love it. Gorgeous fabric too! I am super duper impressed and would love to give her tips for the next outfit!

mommytoalot said...

Oh you are one lucky little princess, Your mamma is trying to make you such special things. The frock does look cute.
Sure wish I could sew. Reminds me of when I was a child and my mom used to make outfits for my sister and my barbies and dolls.
Good work

Amber said...

I'm feeling inspired!
Try as I might...I'm having an extremely difficult time imagining your momma behind a sewing machine!
:0) LOVE it ARE much more than just a pretty accent. ;0)

Katy said...

I really want to learn how to sew. I think I'd probably have some trouble, though.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you are SUCH a good storyteller, Princess. Your Queen Mum transcribes in SUCH an entertaining style!

I am still smart you are to with-hold criticism.

The results of your Mum's efforts are quite nice, I think. Would you model them for a photo please?

I learned use of a sewing machine when I was very young but I cannot imagine trying to teach it online. This would be like me trying to learn French now...many jagged sentences and broken grammar. ;)

Dr. B.

HeatherS said...

I have had my sewing machine in a box for the last year....ironically, I signed up for a sewing class today....and then read your blog!

I love the princess frock!

Rob at Kintropy said...

Very nice and eclectic clothes: a very good start, Abigail! Tell your Mom we're proud of her accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

c'ezst chouette ma cherie tu as une belle robe jtaime fort fort

Marla said...

That is so sweet. It looks pretty good to me. I am learning how to knit. I have been on the first scarf f o r e v e r. Sigh. I really want to knit a hat. Soon, I hope. :)

Maricris Zen Mama said...

Aw how lucky you are! Your mama loves you dearly. Those are real cute. I bet they'll look great on you! Are you going to ask your Mama to post pictures of you wearing it?