Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh the joys of Spring

William and I are SOOO enjoying the budding spring ... so much new stuff is happening!!!

For example : Nathan smashed his head to pieces and had to see Dr Franck to have it all stitched together again ... Of course, this meant Mama had to take the day off work, so the three of us spent some 'quality' time at the little fair which seems to have moved into the square in front of the mairie ... now these photos do tend to contradict some recent ones illustrating Nathan's coming of age ... regression seems to be the name of the game here!!

I had a wild time just observing in amazement all the things my brother was doing that were more my age (and which quite frankly, I'm not interested in doing - I found the permanent swishing noises and loud music really quite frightening to be honest). But it was interesting to watch my Big Bro Nathan behaving more like a two-year old than me!!!

I will confess, however, that I found the sunlight a bit trying, which is why I look half asleep in these pix ... my eyes are being thoroughly tested by the children's hospital at the moment to see if some of my medication is affecting my sight ... so all this week I'm taking drops which do something weird which not even Mama understands ... on Friday they'll be checking me out to see if I need glasses or not, but in the meantime, everything is very very blurred and sunlight is really hard to deal with ... roll on Friday when we can stop the silly drops at last!!!Impaired sight has not, however, stopped me developing my climbing skills ... look at this newest accomplishment : the coffee table!! My new favorite place to watch the Teletubbies!!!

Having said that, one of my favoritest places in the whole world is with Papa on his favorite place on the sofa watching the evening news!!! Ok Lena, its your turn for some stardom now ... last weekend we went to Mami and Papi's for Sunday lunch ... here is my cousin Lena before we landed, looking quite serene ..

The angelic expression changed the moment The Bernard Bunch landed!!!

"Mama PLEEEEEEAAAAASE help me!" yelled Lena "My godmother is trying to eat me!!!"

Then MY Godfather decided it was his turn to turn evil on his Goddaughter (erm, thats moi!)
ending in similar results ... not even Mami or Papi could console me ..
even Mama had a hard time consoling me!!!
Aren't my two girl-cousins just gorgeous?????? almost as gorgeous as myself really ...

Right ... this space is going to be even longer soon cos Aunty Valerie and Aunty Anne-Sophie have both promised Mama their weekend photos ... come on!!!! You know how impetuous and impatient this Bernard Bunch is!!!


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Anonymous said...

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Rob at Kintropy said...

Princess Abigail,

Hope all goes well with your vision check. Hannah recently had her eyes dilated, so she is commiserating with you.

Mom & Dad have now purchased some special torture devices (glasses with a wrap around try-to-get-this-off headband) for her to wear. Anxiously awaiting their arrival....

jotcr2 said...

We've just mastered the coffee table too. A bit of a scary stage for us mum's. Abigail is v. cute.