Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's day

Right ... now I am suitably dressed, the day can begin ..

This special day requires make-up fit for a Princess. Thanks Uncle Huwie for this totally inappropriate but very fun Christmas present that I am enjoying putting to good use!

And whilst we are on the subject of Christmas presents - thank you Auntie Sianie for this cool hand knitted scarf. It has come in very handy over the past weeks cos it is FREEZING here in France - not a concern now that you are living in Australia of course! Thinking of you lots and hoping you are having a lovely whizz-bang time out there!

Um ... Mama... its Valentine's day today ... don't you think you should spruce yourself up a little too? You look a little worse for wear there .... wanna borrow some of my blue eye shadow?

Here's a special Happy Valentine's Day Princess smile for all you folk out there!

Nathan continues to give me my daily Wii training ... he is such a lovely brother, always looking after me with patience and tenderness. I love you Big Nathe!!! Especially on Valentine's day!

Although I do on occasion get in the way ...

Today I went off to be pom pom girl at my brother William's handball match. I'm very good at encouraging him - indeed, today he scored his first ever match goal! All because of my support of course!!

BRAVO Valentine's Day!
(Editors note : Abigail is actually clapping and saying her new word 'Bravo' in this piccie - although it does look remarkably like she's praying. What a doll!)

What did you do to celebrate the big red heart day???


Anonymous said...

Oh, Princess, I just celebrated by visiting you here! (Much warmer that way as I stay in Texas!) You are lovely as ever even without make-up. (As is you Mom.)
I heart you! Dr. B.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

What adorable pictures, Abigail! I love your beautiful dress and your fish hat! They go very well together, as anyone with fashion sense can see! :)

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

mommytoalot said...

What a beautiful Valentines day post. Love the hat to complete your outfit Abby.
My Abby also got make up for Christmas. She loves it!
Glad you are enjoying the Wii. Bravo to you my sweet little princess.

Carmencita said...

Que guapisima estas Abigai. Tu mama es muy graciosilla con las fotos que hace, me gusta mucho. feliz dia de San Valentin. aunque sea un poco tarde.
besitos de tus amigas OLga y Carmencita.

Anonymous said...

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