Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have been enjoying the snow here ... I can even say 'neige' as I point out the window at the white expanse of garden. This snow stuff is quite fascinating ... I keep slipping and sliding and it makes me laugh so much. Its a bit cold though, especially when my mittens fall off and I am definitely not so fond of that.

Get a load of this!

I am eating solid food!

Could you get more solid than this??!!

I am soooooooooooo impressed with myself ... tis hard to be humble. Watch me here:

It's 4h48 in the morning and Mama is typing up the blogging notes I left her. Sleep is a little tough for her at the moment. She misses little Emma. Even though she is happy Emma is in a better place ... she's sad a gorgeous little girl was taken from her family in such a tragic way. Emma, my Mama really loves you lots and lots you know!


Abigail said...

First thing I did this morning was check Emma's blog. And as sad as it is that her family will now be missing her, I was overjoyed to see that she's returned to Heavenly Father. You just know she went running into his arms and was delighted to see again. I'm praying their family will be able to focus on that joy. I can't imagine how they feel though. Thanks for bringing her into our lives.

Princess Abigail, Great job playing in the snow! Maddie LOVES to play in the snow. Mommy loves to hide inside and pretend it's warm and sunny! And you're eating fabulously! Your dinner looks so yummy!

Amber said...

Seriously...I was so distracted by your lovely, long was difficult to focus on your HUGE accomplishment!!!! Way to go biggest girl! I'm SO proud of you!!
I love that your brothers cheer you on and encourage those words to come out of your sweet little mouth. :0)

Tell your momma...her huge tender heart pulls me to her. :0) Encourage her in knowing that our human minds are so limited in what we can comprehend...this side of heaven. I think bits of all our hearts are broken over the "Emma" families that we have been led to. Praying momma stays tender to truth...hugest hugs to all of your bunch!

Christy said...

Thank you for your tremendous support. Christy and I look forward to talking or writing with you some day.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Princess! Sending warm and tender thoughts to your Mom.

Seeing you on video gives me a very happy feeling, Princess Abigail - love seeing you move and talk! And eat! Dr. B.

Terena said...

the first time Queen Teen saw snow she was 3 and had so much fun playing in it, but got really mad because it made her cold. She wanted to know why it was so cold and then seemed to look at me like I should do something about that.

You are such a big girl! Bravo on the solid food.

mommytoalot said...

Now you are eating like a princess!! Way to go beautiful!
Love that you eat with your gown...
send mommy hugs from us...
thinking of you and she

Jess said...

snow is always beautiful. i've been looking forward to experience my 1st white christmas with snow :( sadly, malaysia will never ever snow as long as ever! One day Abi dear and mommy Alison, im gonna save up to come to France to have my 1st REAL christmas experience! heee! big hugs