Thursday, July 23, 2009

A sad day for the Bernard Bunch

Remember Electrode?

William's pet and much loved friend, Electrode the Guinea Pig?

Alas, he left us ... for Guinea Pig heaven ...
William made a beautiful grave in the garden, near his bedroom window so he can always see him ...
This is what his tomb stone says :
Electrode Bernard
Will always be in our thoughts
2007 - 2009
William is very, very upset....
He spent the whole evening praying in front of Electrode's grave, and talking to him ... asking him why he left him so suddenly ....

I gave William loads of hugs and kisses and that made him feel a bit better ... but William talks about Electrode all the time.
RIP Electrode!


Abigail said...

That's so sweet that he loved his guinea pig so! I hope he recovers from Electrode's death quickly.

Amanda aka Taz said...

Bummer...we're thinking of 'ol Electrode.

HeatherS said...

So very sorry William...I remember when my first pet, Fred the Fish was quite tramatic and I missed him. You were a good guinea pig Daddy and he lived a good life :)

Princess S

mommytoalot said...

Sorry for your loss William.
May Electrode rest in peace now

therextras said...

We have so-been-there grieving the loss of a beloved pet. My sincere sympathy to the Bernard family.

Time will help William, and that is a difficult concept for Princesses, but continue to give him hugs and kisses. Those help, too. Dr. B