Friday, July 24, 2009

Another busy day at the Bernard Bunch .

ok - now that messy job is over, time to spruce myself up with ....


I think they are called "corks" ... what do you think Big Bill???
Hmmmm .... he doesn't know .... wonder where Nathan is ....

oooohhh look! Nathan's playing with my playdoh!

right rugby time now!


NATHAN wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
Gosh I'm getting of there
those boys are a bit rough
they mistook me for a rugby ball!

oooh girly friends!
do your brothers play rugby too?

oooh this lady is nice - she has totally adopted me!!!
(God only knows where Mama is)

After a sporty day - time for swimming classes with Bernard! He taught me how to overcome all my water anxieties!

He did a great job ... cos now I jump in all the time, much to my brother's dismay!

I had a lovely time ....

I've had a hard day ....
can I go to bed now please????

(please ignore the mess - I have just learned the art of redistributing my toys just after Mama has tidied them all neatly in their boxes ....)


Abigail said...

What a busy girl you are! Your glasses are so darling, as is your new korker bow!

Anonymous said...

You ARE the bestest blogger, Princess! Thank you for sooo many photos! Each one tells a story that put together give us, your blog-fans, rapture.

Your loveliness and smiles bring me joy. Dr. B

Anonymous said...

Hi Abigail! Just stopping by to say you are just the cutest princess I have ever seen. I loved all the cute!!!

Katy said...

Wow, look how big she's gotten!