Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Princess and a Fairy Godmother ....


Remember last time she came to visit????


We've known Charlotte since we were babies ... her Maman and my Mama met on Internet when they discovered we both have Jacobsens Syndrome ... and also discovered that they get on like a house on fire!!!!!!!

"Happiness is .... a doting Maman!"

Charlotte ... let's pose!!!!!!!!

The Princess Duette ON SHOW!!!!!!!!

Throw a couple of Prince's in the background - and Bob's your Uncle!!!!!!

"Look!!!! It's Lala over there Charlotte!!"

Ooops Silly Me!!!

It was Mama in her silly yellow clothes!


"Maman ... these people are quite strange don't you think?"

(dixit Charlotte quietly)

Especially that one down there ...

(dixit Charlotte not quite so quietly)

She's almost as noisy as her Mother!

This one is jolly handsome though ....

hmmm ...

"how old are you young Prince?"

Right ... bored of posing now

Time for real business : PLAYING

"I've seen a few of you guys round here"

dixit Charlotte

This place is LITTERED with Teletubbies!

"Maman ... that lady is a bit scary ... she keeps wanting to smother me ..."

Thank goodness she decided to grab hold of my Maman instead!!!!!!


Charlotte leaves for the Alpes with her Maman and Papa
for their summer holidays
and then

ENTRANCE : Fairy Godmother for a barbecue lunch!!!

I'm so excited I fall asleep!

I love my fairy Godmother

Her other name is 'Helen"

Nothing quite like the warm lovin' of a Fairy Godmother eh?

She does tend to laugh rather loudly though ...

.... no wonder her and Mama get on so well!

Birds of a feather flock together! .....

FAIRY GODMOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Kyle keeps picking me up uhhhh!!!!!!!!!

"Put me down"!!!!

Gosh, that was a truly wonderful weekend!

Thanks Charlotte, Stephanie and Xavier for being such great buddies : the Bernard Bunch loves you lots and lots and lots and LOTS!!!!!!!

Helen, Philippe, Kyle and Clement : thanks for being SO MUCH FUN! You wild bunch you!


Anonymous said...

Love your stories, Princess!

terena said...

What a marvelous weekend. Princesses need to stick together.

mommytoalot said...

Oh what fabulous pictures. Looks like a wonderful weekend was had. Your princes are so handsome.