Monday, August 27, 2007

Princess Charlotte comes to visit!!!!

Although we may look like a pair of garden gnomes in this picture, we are in fact being forced into a picturesque cuddle for the sake of this blog ... Charlotte is ten months old and her Mama and mine have been in 'virtual' contact almost since Charlotte was born.This was the first opportunity Charlotte and I had to meet, along with Sylvie and Eva who both live near Calais. Charlotte is the bonniest little girl you have ever seen with the feistiest of personalities - my Mama was utterly besotten and was barely able to let anyone else hold her. I took a shine to her too - take a look at these pix for a taste of how well we got on!!!

Amongst other things, we both have a beauty queen model-to-be attitude towards all cameras - we just know how to get our best assetts under the camera flashes!!!

Getting to know each other better didn't take long ....

Charlotte has quite a Welsh sense of humour methinks!!!

This is Charlotte being smothered and snogged by her Mama Stephanie who is almost as gorgeous as Charlotte...

oi Charlotte! Hands off! That's my big brother and I'm not sharing him!

A bientot Charlotte!!! Les Bernards sont ravis de te connaitre enfin!!

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