Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where is this????

The first person to guess where this is, gets a personalized feature in my blog!!! ooooohhhh!!! And judging by some of the feisty personalities out there, Mama has an idea already about who is going to win!!! Go for it folks!!!


popo said...

merci pour tt les commentaire sur le blog special sur abigail bisou alison

AbbyDawn said...

Looks like a kitchen or an office to me!! I don't know what refrigerators look like in France, but that could be one I suppose. LOVE all the pictures!! What are they held up with?
Abigail, let your mommy know that I don't make ALL of Mandorallyn's clothes. Most of them are bought, though I must admit I have good taste, lol. Tell your mama you want an american outfit so to email me where to mail one!

Amber said...

If you work, I'm saying your place of employment! That's my guess, it looks like the side of a filing cabinet.....maybe!
by the way, e-mail me! :^)

popo said...

bonjour alison et petite soeur j'aime beaucoup ton blog , il y a des photos de toi , trop drole , j'aime beaucoup la photo ou tu rigole dans les bras tu etais belle quand tu etais bébé et tu l'ai encore plus maintenant je t'aime tres fort . alison j'ai essayé de pas faire de faute d'orthographe !!! bisoux

popo said...

je te promet que j'ai pas fait corriger par l'ordinateur . tu peut etre fiere de moi . je t'embrasse .

Amber said...

I need a translator! :^)
Who did you THINK would win?????

therextras said...

Great idea, but you need no contest to keep me coming back, Princess A.

The recent upgrade of your blog is very, very nice. Please ask your Mum if she can learn how to limit the length of the blog - for loading. With all your fabulous photos, it's now more than a few seconds before we can see the most recent post.

Loving you and your family, Barbara

jėss.T said...

omg!! u have so many piccies too dear abi!

I SSSSSOOO have a thing for phtographs, and anothr thng we have in common. lots n lots of pictures all over ma room!

je vous manque abi..