Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beautiful, precious little rose buds

Today I had a wonderful family day at home ... it was pure bliss!!! I spent a cozy day at home with my brothers and parents just chilling out and not doing much except pottering around ... these are my favorite kinds of day!!!

it was such a lovely day, that I was in a hurry to get to my computer to share it with all my blogger friends ... oh aren't I a precocious little one????

It all started with this lovely climbing rose that my French grandparents Papi and Mamie gave me for my christening ... its the same age as me, and we are to blossom together .... so, mama planted it right here. "Here" is right in front of my bedroom ... so that as I grow up, I can see it from my bedroom window... isn't that romantic???

This, below, is my bedroom window. Seen from the outside.

This, below, is my bedroom window. Seen from the inside.

Yes, I know. I am very messy. I think its a Bernard Bunch trait.

Anyway, back to my roses ... I spent the day helping Mama to install the pergola trellis thing and to plant the roses in the right place .... it was SUCH a hot day, but it was a family effort and I'm really quite pleased with the results!!!!

Mama would keep distracting me with idle chat and gossip and conversation ...

but I'm always happy to play along, if that's what makes her happy ....

Here Mama, would you like this muddy stone? A gift from the bottom of my heart ...

Awww, you don't want my precious gift??? Ah shucks .... you know what the heart of my bottom says to that?

Right mama, go away now please, SCAT!!! Stop invading my privacy with that flipping camera of yours!!!



Amber said...

Good for you, keeping your mama in line! Someones gotta do it. Your flowers are beautiful and it is quite the princess bed you have! Lil Gracie is quite jealous, (that's a Baker trait I think)she says that she would love to have a play date and share toys with you! Enjoy your beautiful garden. :^)

AbbyDawn said...

what a helper!! Your roses will grow up and be beautiful just like you!! Can we come over and play?! you have some fabulous toys!

Rob at Kintropy said...

I'm sure the rose and you will be sharing secrets via your bedroom window in no time. Looks like you had a "ticklefest" with your brothers, too - seems like lots of fun!

Right now, Hannah is awake and listening to her music not so silently. I'll go fill her in on your day.

popo said...

tu me fais rire ma biche ; vous etes bbien toi nathan et william vous etes beau !!! bisou popo

Anonymous said...

Un pequeño comentario para princesa Abigail, de la parte de Lolita, una libélula verde y blanca que vive colgada encima de cama, te transcribo el mensaje(me lo recitó anoche a la oreja):

"Querida Abigail, me gustaría que vinieras a pasar unos días en mi reino secreto, te llevaría a buscar ranas y sapos y a darle besos a los renacuajos, que luego se transforman en águilas enormes y salvan a los niños. Bueno, dale también besitos a William y a Nathan, y sólo unos poquitos a tu mamá y a tu papa. Hasta pronto."

Besos de la hada alada.

Crazy Lais

Amber said...

I meant to ask, who is squashing you with thier foot, in the first photo????

ta grande soeur said...

Abigail on n'est bien soeur car ta chambre et la mienne c'est le meme bordel ! je t'aime !

jėss.T said...

u look so adorable ma petite fille abi!

miss u lots! been awhile since i last heard frm you.

*love n kisses all the way frm malaysia*


The Hernandez Family said...

Princesa Abigail, me gusta que ti te gusta mi blog. Me enoja leer sobre su familia y especialmente usted. Gracias para los comentarios. We hope to hear from you soon and you'll be hearing from us too!!

Anonymous said...

Howdy, Princess,
I mentioned you in my post earlier this week.

Today is America's birthday!

Will you be celebrating Bastille Day on the 14th? July 14 is a special day in my life, too.

Lovely roses! Your Friend, Dr. Boucher