Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ho ho ho! My first Luxemburgish Christmas!!!

Off we all trotted, squished like sardines all five of us in Papa's Citroen, off to Luxembourg to see ...

and Ester!!

We all had a wonderful time playing games having fun and EATING EATING EATING lots of the most delicious food you have ever laid your eyes on - it was incredible!!

I was particularly fond of the crackers and hat tradition ... as you can see, it took me a while getting used to it all!!

We all went to the Christmas market which, as this photo clearly indicates, William and Nathan fully enjoyed ....

But look at how their mood swung back into normal gear as soon as we got home ...

Can anyone tell Mama just got back from Marrakesh???

Three generations of my man family!!!!

And do I look proud or do I look proud????

Off we all went for a Christmas 'Christingle' service which was great fun, I crawled up and down the aisle like fury!!!

William and Nathan and Papa lit some beautiful orange candles

and William took it all very seriously of course .....

To be quite honest, after all this running around and having wild and furious fun all over Christmas, I was quite happy just to cuddle into my Big Brother Nathan's arms and doze ...


I'm off to sleep!!!


Thanks for a lovely Christmas everyone!!!!

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