Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slightly irritating Nintendo DS Queen

Mama hates William and Nathan's Nintendo DS. She thinks it takes over everything ... and it drives her mad when she speaks to the boys and they don't even notice she has said anything cos they are so engrossed in their game. They recently got a Playstation 2 as a gift and Mama and Papa returned it to the givers, cos they don't like the obsessive side of these kind of things. Having said that, if you click on this video, looks like Papa is going down the same road as my brothers, don't you think????

View this montage created at One True Media
Nintendo DS Princess


mommytoalot said...

LOL...looks like it's time for Princess Abigail to get a DS of her own. Or maybe a Leapster. That's what Joey has.
Great video

Anonymous said...

That is so cute, Princess!

Hehe. Methinks that the video compulsion is more common among the male gender. (Not quoting research here.)

But I agree with mommytoalot - you might both enjoy and learn from a nice touch-response computer toy/appliance. For both Princesses and boys - some way to limit the amount of time with such toys is a challenge. Surely you can show your brothers the way?

Love, Dr. B.

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...


*Hugs abi*