Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hmmmpf ... that's no fun. People have emptied my pot of yoghurt.
I've graced all these people with my presence at this celebration, and all they can do is eat my yoghurt. Not good.
"Mama, can I have another yoghurt please?"

I'm off off to eat it in peace, far away from you yoghurt-thieving freaks

See! There are advantages, after all, to autonomous eating!!!!!

Hello JC.
I forgot my glasses this morning.
Can I borrow yours please?


That will do just nicely.
You're a good boy JC.

Know who this is?

Well, as of last Sunday, this is Mama's God-daughter!
She's called Polly.
She was baptized on Sunday at the grand old age of ten.
Mama thinks Polly is the bee's knee's.
Her Papa is one of Mama's best friends.
They have known each for almost twenty years!
Polly showed me how to get up to lots of mischief!
Sunday was quite exhausting.
The MOMENT I was sat in my car seat ....

Many a "Z" was thrown on Sunday night!
Thank you Polly for a great baptism celebration


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! How neatly and competently, er, royally you ate that yogurt! Well done, Princess!
Dr. B.

mommytoalot said...

LOL..Ilike to eat alone too. Love your dress , infact I think you are the best dressed princess ever.
.Polly..what a pretty name..congrats to your mommy on her newest God daughter...

Marla said...

I love your photos. Do you have a Border Collie? I had a beautiful border collie growing up named Lucy. She was amazing with kids.

Thank you for adding my blog to your list. I have added yours.

It took us years before we discovered M had a rare chromosome disorder. So far she is the only person we know in the world who has survived this particular one. I am hooked on your blog. Totally. Abigail is precious beyond words.