Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last day at my special CAMSP therapy centre until September

Today, I went to see my occupational therapist for the last time before the summer holidays....

We played out usual games which involve picking up lots of large shapes

I love this big U thing!

Cos it was my last day, Mama took TONNES of photos .....

And I just love posing for her

My last passage through my favorite tunnel ...

Last pull on my favorite wheel-rabbit

I said good-bye to my Wednesday-friend Elias

I even shared my favorite Dora book with him

I also said goodbye to my other Wednesday friend Maissanne
and her Papa

And to the CAMSP Administrator Yannick

Hello holidays .... HERE I COME!!!!


Anonymous said...

You look so lovely, Your Highness! I love your smile! Dr. B.

Heléne Björklund said...

Hello there beautiful Girl! we are on the road. We have been visited a family with a son with JS. We had a good time. Next time, maybe we will com visit You! =)

mommytoalot said...

Lovely photos. Abigail you are always so pretty. Love your dress. Enjoy your holidays sweet princess.

terena said...

Ah yes, holidays. I just finished five weeks of intensive classes at college and am excited to have 6 weeks off until Fall semester. Queen Teen and I are making big plans for lots of fun!