Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interrupted secret diary entries

Mama's computer is agonizing .... she hasn't been able to get it to function properly for over two weeks now.

stark-raving mad

Not only has she not been able to help me write my oh-so-secret diary, but she and I DEARLY miss catching up on all our blogging friends news.

But be warned : YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!

As soon as she finds a solution to the home computer situation, you will all be BOMBARDED with comments!!!!


Megan said...

Missing you on blogland!!

Amanda aka Taz said...

There is nothing worse than thoughts with no pen (or computer) to catch them. Good luck!

Abigail said...

Glad to know you haven't just disappeared!!

terena said...

Oh my. That can't be good. Sorry about your computer. Looking forward to more daring tales of adventure!

you gotta wonder said...

I am sooo sorry to know this! I am a computer geek in the non-blog world. I wish I could come visit to help your mama. Computers can be willfully disobedient!!!

Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Gripping Mercy and Grace said...

ok so I was a little busy, but not for long and I come back to you and see a MELTED computer? Is this your computer? What happened??? Are you o.k.? I am reading other comments and there is not big concern so I am thinking that everyones o.k. Would love to hear from ya! Miss my sweet girls smile and much mischief!!! :O)

therextras said...

A bombardment I look forward to!

Dr. B.

The VW's said...

How frustruating! I would be lost without my computer! Hang in there! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you soon and seeing Abigail's sweet face!

Joy said...

Oh how I know the irritation of a gimpy computer. In fact, I'm typing on my husband's office/work computer right now.

I always love to hear from you on SCSI.

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mommytoalot said...

We miss you so much..but it has given us a chance to read your earlier posts. Abby and I love reading and looking at all your pictures and videos Abigail.
We adore you.