Monday, November 3, 2008

There's some role reversal going on here this week

I go back to playschool today!!!!
(Yes I know, Mama forgot to tell you I was sick all last week
Fortunately Papa was on holiday so I got to stay all week with him
whilst Mama went to work every day
and got stuck in traffic (snigger snigger)

I am so excited to be with all my buddies again!
Boy did I miss them all!!
This week,
it is Mama's turn to take the week off
and stay at home with me and my brothers
for the "Toussaint" holidays
Mama LOVES to be a stay-at-home Mama

She saw me off this morning

You would have thought I was going away for months ...

I waved goodbye
(a little too enthusiastically for her taste, methinks)

And there was an awful lot of waving in return
Well, you know what a protective Mama I have

She takes protection to great extremes

But that's what Mama's are for!!!

Anyway, I know that she is at home waiting impatiently to go pick me at at 11h30

A big bike-treck expedition is planned to bring me home

William and Nathan are coming to pick me up and inspect the creche, make sure it meets my royal standards

I suspect I will be in for a right royal hug in a couple of hours!!!


(has anyone noticed that Mama's camera doesn't work too well at the moment???)

But at least it gives us an opportunity to meet lots of beautiful people eh? This little girl is from Uganda ...
BYE FOLKS! I will post again soon, as my script-writer is at home all week!!!


Megan said...

Love the cartoon. Too funny. I am so curious about these week long holidays, you have to explain them to us folks on the other side of the world!

Rob at Kintropy said...

Have a great time with your friends, Abigail!