Sunday, November 2, 2008

Big Hug for Amber in Indiana and Abigail in Utah !!!!

Amber, Gracie's Mama
and Abigail, Mandorallyn's Mama

I thought you might like to know...

that Mama is quite fond of you both

yes, she does think you are both crazy

beyond salvage even

but she loves you both lots and lots

and so, by proxy, so do I

So this is a virtual hug

from a place a thousand miles away

that you have both touched very much.
Now the mystery for Mama
how on EARTH did you find my letter to Father Christmas??!!!
Mama is intrigued!
Do you have some magic blogging tools that she doesn't???
She is VERY jealous!!
But loves you lots and lots and lots and lots!!!!


Amber said...

hugs, hugs and more hugs!!!!! Yeah...we have a direct connect to Mr.'s here in the States and he employs us part time as his helpers. Don't tell your mama...this is TOP SECRET! :0)

Thanks for explaining....

Abigail said...

Yay for hugs!! You can never get enough hugs!

you gotta wonder said...

I love the mystery of it all....