Monday, June 2, 2008

Autonomously working on the autonomy

Mama is starting to wean herself off the 'feeding me a bottle of milk syndrome'.

To her amazement (um, excuuuu-uuu-se me - WHY the amazement? I'm a perfectly capable person mama!) I can drink out of a cup like 'ain't no thiiiing' ...

Get a load of that!

No practice required - I did it straight away!

Am I amazing, or am I amazing???

And - now get a load of this folks - I fed myself! I picked up a bit of tender red meat Mama had cut into small tiny pieces, and I put it in my mouth ...

... and chewed... !!!

Why does Mama keep shouting (very loudly) : EUREKA?????

I can even eat the cup if you're all THAT impressed!!

Mama has taken the 'leaving me to get on with stuff by myself' advice very seriously

She let me wander around the garden to my hearts content - I would have thought she would have kept her eagle-eye on me every second, but everytime I glanced her way, she was busy gardening ... so ...

I found a nice deep pool of stinking, stangnant, dirty, bacteria-infested garden water that had been left to rot inside the plastic pool cover behind the house (Mama said it was Papa's fault, but she always says that) ... boy was it fun getting myself drenched in this foul water!!! I LOVED IT !!!

Nathan the photographer was straight in there, filming and taking photos of the fun I was having (Mama still hasn't quite figured out how to post videos on blogger ... but she's getting there!!)

And eventually I wandered back into the house : A SOPPING, SOGGY, SOAKED STINKING MESS

Can't wait to start that filthy fun all over again!!

In the meantime, a further step in my newly-acquired autonomy involves slyly climbing up dangerous staircases as soon as Mama and Papa have their back turned ...

I can also now frown furiously when things aren't going my way (this is me with my Mamie - Papa's Mama, yesterday) and I wanted to make the doll do stuff all by myself, hence the frown. Mama loves this photo, cos she says its SOOO MEEE and my budding ability to curse ...

And just as a conclusion to this post about autonomy : I am now also capable of ripping my trousers all my myself too. Ain't that something ???!!!!


AbbyDawn said...

From Mandorallyn: Isn't it so much fun to get into things that mommy's and papa's don't expect you to?! I'll trade you my flour for your icky water!

From Abigail:
Oh my! I hope the being sick happened before the yucky water and not because of it! Good job on eating alone and using your cup! Mandorallyn sometimes decides that she isn't capable of feeding herself. . .so good for you for showing your Mama how you can!

jėss.T said...

YAY fer u lil abi! =D
it's FABULOUS that u are beginning to do things on yr own now.

tres bon!

Eating, drinkin and even havin yr pair of trousers torn??? hahaha so mischievous

and yes, i used to own a plastic pool thngy too. Tell papa & mama not to leave it like that under the rain & shine, it will breed unwanted insects! =D

étreintes et baisers de moi en Malaisie

Anonymous said...

Abigail, you are sooo smart to know which things are yucky. Your delicate refusal to describe too much on the-effects-of-illness is evidence of your regal nature. I noticed that no one wanted to even (touch) comment on the triple L post. I wondered myself if the posts might really have happened in reverse order - like abbydawn suggested above.

I ALSO noticed you ad'ing me at the top of your blog! You are too sweet and kind!

Now I'm also trying to figure-out the timing of Mommy leaving in 4 days for a week, and your Christening occuring in 1 week and 4 days - ? In which country will be the Christening?

And, not to forget your illustrius successes in drinking and eating! Just be careful what you put in your mouth - remember the 3 L's!

And now, dear Abigail, you have garnered more of my time than my own blog! Nighty-nite! Barbara

popo said...

oh c ma ptite soeur d'amour je suis tres fiere de toi je t'aime