Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nathan celebrates being SEVEN!!!

First things first, Nathan had to make sure the house looked easily recognizeable as 'The Birthday Spot' - sorry, did I say 'Nathan'? I mean, of course, 'Superman', visible here doing a quick inspection ...
Then he and Papa made sure the party nosh was up to scratch

Superman has a jolly close inspection of the birthday cake ..

Gramma helped to scrub me squeaky clean for this special occasion ..

My charismatic personality meant that I stole all nathan's friends ... here I am with Wonderwoman (also known as Anna), Princess Laurene, and Raphael in the background who's expression fully illustrates how stunned he is at my overwhelming beauty (for the record, this is NOT a brewing tantrum on my face AT ALL)

Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls .. so Anna and Laurene did some nice peaceful drawing ...

and smothered me for a while with Gramma

While the supermen all played a round of rowdy football

Here's big Nathe with Lucas (left) and Yanis (right) his two rugby mates (although I'm told that Nathan and Yanis together tend to transform the rugby matches into a boxing ring ... hmmm ... not a peaceful friendship that one) - cute threesome though, don't you think? Lucas is a true angel and my Mama is quite smitten with him and planning a secret kidnap ... sssshhhh!!!

Superman with his Super Women ...

Nathan with Yanis (again!) and Daryl, his chum from down the road

Nathan with classmates Raphael (who's top of the class!) and Remi (who Nathan tells me is his bestest, bestest buddy)

Then there was a series of games ... pass-the-parcel, treasure hunt, who am I? musical statues, and in this series of piccies, musical bumps accompanied by Nathan's favorite pop singer MIKA!! Daryl won the musical bumps ... and Nathan sulked for a while cos it was his party after all, so why can't HE win all the games?????

hmmm ... run out of photos ... have I told you that Mama bought a cheap second hand camera which can only take twenty photos at a time? Well, these are her twenty photos! Now we are waiting for the pix that Gramma took and I should be able to pad this out for all my readers! Watch this space folks!!!!!

More birthday pix just sent in by Gramma! Thanks Gramma! Here we go folks ....


Rob at Kintropy said...

Happy birthday, Nathan! And thanks, Abigail, for filling us in on all the details. Hannah will be pleased to know all the goings on.

Tygogal said...

See Please Here