Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter chez les Bernard

At the Bernard Bunch, Easter is about peaceful moments of harmony with the familyA time for brother and sister to spend some quality time together

It's a moment of sharing, with our loved ones

and enjoying some precious moments spent togetherOk stop that loud violin romantic music, we're at the Bernard Bunch, things don't happen like that here. Anyway, many thanks to Anne Sophie and Franck (my yummy Godfather) for a lovely Easter family celebration at their place, and here are a few celebratory pix (NOT taken by a still livid Mama who stalks the garden wall in camouflage gear and face painted in green and white every night, but courtesy of Auntie Valerie who was modest enough NOT to send the ones taken of her on that fine day)

My Easter Egg from Parrain (that's French for Godfather, and that's what I call him - or that I will call him one day, the day I get round to talking - I'm a right chatter box but as yet have not uttered a single 'real' world - whats the rush folks????). This particular Easter egg had a great taste - not terribly chocolaty, but pleasant none the less ...

Now isn't this a nice, natural, spontaneous pose? This is US, the new generation Bernard Bunch (all my cousins are in the pic but Lena, who was throwing some zzzzz's in preparation for staying awake all night long)

Here's my Uncle Laurent .... he's the one discussing the injustice of professional football wages with my Papa at the top there ... and he's Lena's Papa, living in sin with my Auntie Valerie who has declined to have photos of her published in MY BLOG.... PFPFPFPFPFPF

That's more like it!!! Aren't I the EAster Bunny!!!

Here my brothers and my cousin Alexis admire my extravagent beauty

NO! They are NOT playing on a flipper machine AT ALL

Now when Lena finally got round to waking up, she and I had a good time wrestling... all that was missing as a bit of mud:

ANYONE who calls me 'Thunder Thighs' will get a biff on the nose


(OK, so I'm a little bit more gorgeous than my cousin Lena, but you have to make allowances in life for the less fortunate)

Mama's editorial note / intervention : OI Abigail, don't you talk about my Goddaughter like that!!! She is the most gorgeous little Pumpkin Pie that ever worked this earth, so cut the nonsense ok?

(Humble Pie mode) - ok Mama


Who I am not wrestling with

and from whose special places shines lots of sun

Lovely Easter Lunch Anne-Sophie!!!

Sigh ... what a lovely day that was!!

Happy Easter folks!!!


Rob at Kintropy said...


I love your picture (and attitude). The bunny mayhem at the bottom cracked me up, too. I'll share that with Gabriel and see if he "gets it."

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