Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Uncle Huwie runs a Marathon in Lazarote

My Uncle Huwie (my only English Uncle) just run a very long marathon in Lanzarote which is somewhere in the Canaries, according to my big brothers ... let me see ..
I suspect this is the beginning of the part he likes best, don't you think??? Canaries, hmmmm, we have two yellow ones at home which make beautiful singing sounds but I don't think they like me very much - fussy scaredy-cat things that they are ... they flap away pretty pronto whenever I get my mits near them, and they don't seem to like the way I always eat, lick and bite their cage bars - Papa thinks that is disgusting, but its great fun, you should all try it. The lady canary has laid five eggs (I suppose it must get very boring in a bird cage - what else is there to do other than sing and lay eggs I ask???)

Anyway, I am very proud to show you all my Uncle Huwie running this race under a very hot sun - Huwie, what were your results? How long did you take, and did you come first????

Just as a word of warning, Mama had her handbag stolen almost the moment she got back from Hong Kong ... and in her handbag was her precious camera! So there may not be many pix of my beautiful little face on my blog for a while, whilst we wait for her to save up enough money to buy a new one!!! She is very, very sad indeed, cos she loved her camera almost as much as she loves chocolate!!!

Snogs to you all, and BRAVO Uncle Huwie!!!

Oh I do beg me pardon! Uncle Huwie has just made an important rectification:
It's a "Triathlon", not a "Marathon". Triathlon is swim, bike & run.
Is he a hero or is he a hero? I can't even walk yet, never mind swim bike and run!!!
A double bravo to Uncle Huwie!!!