Monday, March 17, 2008

Prison break and 2002

Are you all sitting comfortably?
Then I shall begin ...

... once upon a time (last Sunday, to be precise), Mama bought my brothers four mice and a Guinea Pig ...

... who, on the way home, all very craftily escaped from their cardboard transport boxes into the freedom of Mama's car - I sooo had a wonderful time watching all these rodents scampering over my panicking brothers.... Come on guys, they are only mice, they are harmless, tincy wincy wincy and soooo terribly cute!!!

Now although Mama loves rodents, she wasn't overly keen on the idea of them poohing (and more) over her brand new car without restraint - hence upon(very speedy) arrival at home, she leaped out of the car, gathered up the various breeds of rodent, and shot into the house to put them into some form of immediate captivity ...

...forgetting me in the car in the process (ok, so I'm easily amused - and I did get remembered - eventually ...)

but also forgetting her handbag (which didn't)

And it wasn't until the next day that we became aware of the oversight .... and of the theft ... who would EVER want to steal an illuminous pink handbag anyway????? Some real weirdos out there ...

to be honest, Mama seemed generally quite unbothered by the theft of her credentials, passport, vehicle registration papers, credit cards, health insurance card etc....UNTIL ...


Now that, dear friends, for my Mama, is a tragedy ...

And I swear that if EVER my Mama finds those M)(*&*@) 's who stole her camera, they are SOOOOOOOOOO in trouble ... never mess with a redhead, thats what I say!!! and never, ever steal her camera!!! Fortunately, my Mama doesn't have a gun ...

To top it all, all four rodents escaped into the wilderness the following night anyway ... what a waste of an escapade that was! They have, however, since been traced, and we are trying hard to have them brought back home. Read this to meet the escaped mice.

One other piece of good news : Mama did find some of her credentials three days later, in the lemon-tree flower-pot where I had helpfully deposited them, prior to the handbag theft.

SO once we all got over the depression of no more camera fun (ok, so only Mama really cares, but we can sympathise can't we???) we decided to let her publish these old photos whilst we all collect enough pennies (eurocentimes, sorry!) to buy her a new one (soon methinks, she is biting at the bit here ... )

So here's a quick trip down memory lane!!! This was 2002, four years before I was born : William was four and Nathan ... wow, Nathan was my age now!!!

I can't believe William's little face there! (front left, looking almost innocent), nor is it easy not to giggle at Emeline's squeaky-clean little girl hair cut (she's such a cool teenager now!). And why, exactly, is Nathan swinging through the air like that? To see if that really is Papi disguised as Father Christmas?

Same Christmas, but thank goodness the hairstyles have changed since then!!!!

I love this photo cos I think I look so like my brother here!!!!

And I so love his look of concentration here ... by Big Bro is such a cutie! And my Papa isn't too bad either eh??!!!

Aw shucks, aren't I lucky to have such gorgeous big brothers????

That's my Aunty Sianie way over at the far end, with my groovy cousin Alexis. William obviously had just escaped from another scrape ... or fallen out of a tree .. one of those typically Williamesque things he's always doing - and that little squirt in the background is Nathan looking like he is exactly my age now... Gosh I would like to be able to eat solid food like that (not that there is anything wrong with pureed food! Its delicious when my Mama liquidizes our Sunday lunch for me!!) and it won't be long before I too can sit at a table on my own! I'm getting there, truly I am - I am a very determined little mite!!

What a titch William was in this photo - can't believe he was ever like that! Four years old, Gordon Bennet - and he already had that "you wanna fight?' attitude on his face!!!

Nathan sledging with his parrain / Godfather, in Valmorel ... I have yet to discover this skiing lark ...

Cool dood budding here

Alexis and Big Bill have their first skiing lesson

(Mama tells me she has a vague recollection that William got to the top of the mountain with only one ski ... the other fell off on the way up)

Big Bill with his first ski instructor

Dunno who this could be, but she's trying not to be a redhead on St Patricks day in the office

Grandad and Nathan ... Mama loves this photo

William bouncing, for a change (NOT)

Papa and his Papa, my Papi (defs the best French Papi in the whole world, Jean-Claude)

Papa and his Mama, Mamie aka Viviane
who also spoils us all rotten
and thinks the sun shines out of our special places!!

a bientot folks...

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