Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poor little Abigail is under the weather

I'm not feeling well at all ... Mama and Dr Dahoun here in the picture with me have both said the word 'Pyelonephritis' a lot - whatever it may mean, its making me shiver a lot and my temperature has shot up to 41 ... poor little me, I feel so lethargic, all I do is sit in my Mama's arms all day long, and when her arms aren't in the offing, I sit in Christine's arms, or Pauline's arms ... I had my first in a long series of antibiotic injections last night, and I'm starting to feel a tincy wincy bit better ... it might be a while before I'm back to my startlingly charismatic self ... but all the love and affection being bestowed upon me from all my loved ones is making me better already... watch this space ... I'll keep you all posted on my progress!!!

The good news however, is ... Nathan sent me a postcard from his school trip up in the mountains!! I was so incredibly chuffed!

And then there was even better news ....

... Nathan came home!!!


And I did notice that he was pretty chuffed to see me too!!

It then took him precisely 30 seconds to start fighting with William (over me, I might add ...)

And then, we noticed that once me, my car-seat, my parafanalia, accessories and Mama's bottom were all in the car, there was simply no room left for Nathan and his purple suitcase ..

so William very kindly helped him to wheel it all the way home!

What a good thing we live a stone's throw from the boy's school eh??


Anonymous said...

écoute bien ma biche d'abigail je suis contente que tu aille mieu t genial come seur e taime tres fort pounette

Rob at Kintropy said...


Hannah hopes you are feeling better. She's got dripping ears and eyes at the moment; we're watching to see if the big Pink Eye is headed our way. No fun for Hannah. She looked like a pirate with one eye shut this morning when she woke. Arrggh!